What’s New in Social

Twitter disables Substack links

Twitter has disabled the ability to embed tweets within a Substack newsletter and you are now no longer able to like, reply or share a tweet with a Substack within it.

YouTube has added a reminder button for live streams

Never miss a live stream again with YouTube’s new “Notify Me” button.

LinkedIn adds more identity features

LinkedIn is now providing users more ways to prove their identity including ID verification, workplace confirmation, and more.

TikTok doing a major push towards in-stream shopping

TikTok is reportedly inviting selected retailers to join the in-stream shopping push and providing them with big subsidies on shipping and sales.

Social Media Manager Mental Health Survey

Every year we conduct a mental health survey for Social Media Managers and go over the results during Mental Health Awareness month. We’d love to get your opinions and feedback around mental health within the industry!

The power of communities on TikTok

TikTok releases helpful insights around the power of community, how to find yours and how to develop a content strategy around it.

Meta shares tips around marketing trends

Meta shares tips and advice around the current marketing trends in a four part video series from the recent ShopTalk23 conference.

Instagram releases how businesses can utilize DMs

Instagram has released a guide for businesses that will help them build personal relationships with their customers and grow their business through DM.

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Trending Audio

To get direct links to these songs and ideas of how you can use them, check out our trending audio blog post.

Upcoming Workshops

April 20 – How to Review and Display Metrics With Your Clients. Register here!

April 27 – How to build a Thriving Community & Social Inbox Demo. Register here!

May 4 – Social Media Updates From April You Need to Know. Register here!

May 11 – Mental Health Within the Social Media Industry. Register here!

Social Holidays for April & May

April 17 – Orthodox Easter Monday / Holocaust Remembrance Day (YOM HASHOAH) / Laylatul Qadr (NIGHT OF POWER) / Patriots Day

April 19 – Wear Your PJs to Work Day

April 20 – High Five Day / EID Begins / EID-AL-FITR / Ramadan Ends

April 22 – Earth Day

April 23 – World Book Day (US) / St. George’s Day

April 25 – Yom Ha’atzmaut

April 27 – National Take Your Child to Work Day (US)

April 30 – Adopt a Shelter Pet Day / Tax Day

May 1 – First Day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month / First Day of Mental Health Awareness Month (US) / Met Gala

May 2 – National Teacher Appreciation Day

May 4 – Star Wars Day / International Firefighters’ Day / National Day of Prayer

May 5 – Cinco De Mayo

May 6 – National Nurses Day

May 7 – World Laughter Day

May 8 – Victory in Europe Day / Lag B’omer Starts

May 9 – First day of Mental Health Awareness Week (US, UK)

May 10 – National Small Business Day

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