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heyorca direct social media publishing integrations

Deliver a great client experience and get your job done faster, together

Finally, a social media calendar that your agency and clients will love ❤️

10,000+ social media managers around the world rely on HeyOrca to save time and build client trust

Manage ALL Your Clients in ONE Place


All your clients can be organized into their own calendars

Each calendar can have its own unique users and social media accounts

No more messy client spreadsheets

Visualize Your Content


Let HeyOrca handle the mock ups while you create

See what your content would look like on social media before it goes live

Create, schedule, and publish posts directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest

Publish all your content with confidence

Collaborate in Real Time


Keep projects moving forward and your teams in sync by leaving feedback for your team and clients

Clients don’t see comments that you left for your internal team

No more email tags

Easy Client Approvals


You can share content with your clients for easy feedback and approval

Your clients only see content that is ready for review

No more confusion

Automatically Publish to Social Media


Let HeyOrca take care of social media publishing

No more having to copy and paste your content to a scheduler after approval!

No more double work

social media publishing networks in HeyOrca

Client Friendly Reports


Easily create social media reports that your clients will actually understand and enjoy

Automatically generate reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram for Business

No more manual data entry

World Class Software Served With Canadian Hospitality 🇨🇦

We’re more than a software. We’re an extension of your agency

HeyOrca’s employees are the kindest I’ve ever worked with….they are always responding within 5 minutes and are genuinely excited to speak to you and help solve your problems!
Josh M

Social Media Manager, Artrageous Advertising

It really opened the door for more direct collaboration with our clients and empowered our team to build stronger relationships with them.

HeyOrca’s support team is unmatched – any questions or suggestions are addressed lightning fast!

Alicia Conner

Social Media Manager, Conversion Interactive Agency

HeyOrca is very easy to use. My interns picked it up quickly, which makes things very efficient for me.

Their help team is also VERY helpful.

I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 3-5 minutes for a response.

Deven B

Digital Strategist

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