HeyOrca users rejoice! Now you can use your HeyOrca calendar to create, approve, and publish Pinterest Pins from the same platform you use to manage Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business posts!

Pinterest as a platform is continuously growing in popularity and this comes as no surprise! If you’re like me, you’ll easily find yourself going down infinite rabbit holes of DIY home improvements, recipes, and life hacks 🤣

pinterest user growth chart from Statista
source: www.statista.com

Since it’s inception, Pinterest has been continuously growing its user-base. According to Q3 Reports from Pinterest, there are now over 442 million users worldwide. A 37% growth year-over-year. 🚀

We’re thrilled to announce that Pinterest Publishing is now available in HeyOrca to help you manage your brand’s and clients’ Pinterest accounts!

You can access all the same scheduling, collaboration, and approval features you already use to save time managing posts on other popular social networks! 🥳

HeyOrca’s Pinterest Publishing Allows You To:

Create photo Pins directly from you or your clients’ HeyOrca Calendars

Schedule Pinterest Pins directly from the HeyOrca Social Media Calendar Tool

Show clients & stakeholders what Pins are scheduled in the calendar

GIF on How to Share scheduled Pinterest Pins with Clients and Stakeholders in HeyOrca

Share Pins with clients & stakeholders for feedback and approvals

GIF on how to share Scheduled Pinterest Pins in HeyOrca with clients to request feedback and approvals

Drive traffic to your website by inserting destination URLs in your scheduled Pins

GIF on How to Insert Destination URLs in Pinterest Pins Scheduled Through HeyOrca's social media calendar

Schedule Pins as far into the future as you’d like (Pinterest’s native scheduler has a 2-week limit)

GIF showing that you can schedule Pinterest Pins as far out as you'd like in HeyOrca

This is just one of the many features we’re releasing this year to help social media managers take back their day and fight burnout! 🥳

Keep an eye out for exciting new features!

Have questions about Pinterest Publishing in HeyOrca? Feel free to book a free, 1-on-1 training session.

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