We are excited to announce that we are partnering with the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association (AIMA) to help marketing specialists in the Atlanta region take back their day with our world class software. AIMA is a non-profit organization that creates and nurtures authentic connections between marketers to learn, grow, and thrive in the Atlanta community. They exist to create high-value inclusive experiences that elevate both the individual and the company.


AIMA + HeyOrca champions Community Over Competition 🤝

By sharing knowledge and insight, AIMA helps strengthen the interactive marketing community of Atlanta. HeyOrca helps Social Media Marketing Agencies worldwide provide incredible service to their clients through social media and content planning and excellent client communication.

Jason Prance, Marketing on the Board of AIMA, says they are excited to partner with HeyOrca to help their members automate social media content planning and get back to what they love.

“As volunteers of the AIMA organization, the amount of time we have to spend to make our organization great is in limited supply. So, the tools we use to help make us work faster are in high demand. We’re excited about our partnership with HeyOrca because it allows us to use our preferred social media calendar tool and pass on great discounts to our valued members.”

Joe Teo, CEO of HeyOrca, says AIMA fits right in line with HeyOrcas values to bring the marketing community together through shared knowledge and insight.

“Atlanta proves to be a hub of marketing excellence and innovation in the tech sector. We are excited to partner with AIMA in this exciting region to help social media agencies take back their day and focus on creating content and providing excellent service to their clients.”

If you are a member of AIMA please reach out to us for preferential pricing with HeyOrca and see why we can help you take back your day and focus on building your client relationships.


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