A big update is here! Drumroll, please……….. 🥁🥁🥁

You can now schedule your TikToks in HeyOrca! With this feature, you can plan your TikToks, share it with your clients for approval and schedule it from HeyOrca. 

If you’re not including TikToks in your content calendars, here’s your sign to start! TikTok now has 1 billion monthly active users and there are 167 million TikTok videos watched every minute. That’s a lot of opportunities for your brand to get seen by a new audience!

Not only is it popular, but it also has more engagement than Instagram! Micro-influencers noticed that they had an engagement rate of 17.96% on TikTok, but only a 3.86% engagement rate on Instagram.

The time is now to start including more TikToks in your calendar!

Why you should schedule your TikToks in HeyOrca

With HeyOrca’s TikTok scheduling, you will be able to: 

  • Batch create your TikToks ahead of time
  • Post TikToks consistently
  • Collaborate and approve TikToks with your team and clients
  • Keep all of your TikToks, copy and approvals all in one place
  • Visually plan and storyboard your TikToks

The list could really go on and on! 

Looking to streamline your social media and client approval process?

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How to schedule your TikToks in HeyOrca

With HeyOrca’s TikTok Scheduling, you can plan your TikToks in HeyOrca’s content calendar and get a notification from TikTok when your post is due to be published! This will allow you to save time and allow you to share content with clients even easier!

Schedule TikToks in HeyOrca

Here’s how to plan your TikTok content in HeyOrca:

Step 1: Before you start scheduling, you’ll need to connect a TikTok account to your HeyOrca calendar. Learn how to do this here. 

Step 2: On the content calendar, create a new post, and select your connected TikTok account:

Schedule TikToks in HeyOrca

Step 3: Upload your video, and add your caption to your post on the calendar.

(Note: Due to restrictions enforced by TikTok’s API, we are not able to copy the caption of your TikTok to the app. You can still add your caption to be on the same page with your team or clients!)

Schedule TikToks in HeyOrca

Step 4: Once your TikTok is approved on the calendar and the time comes for publishing, you will receive a mobile notification from TikTok informing you that your video is ready to access. 

In order to make sure your video is published, you will need to confirm this within the TikTok app.

Now, your TikTok is live on the app!

We are so excited about this feature and we hope you are too! If you’re a new TikToker looking to create a TikTok strategy, click here.

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