Looking to narrow down your audience on LinkedIn? Or highlight a unique brand or location in your company? Enter LinkedIn Showcase pages! The best way to showcase your brand and find the right customers – and now you can schedule to publish directly on HeyOrca!

Read more to find out why marketers should be using this helpful tool and how to schedule to LinkedIn Showcase pages on HeyOrca!

Showcase Pages are extensions of primary LinkedIn Pages and are designed to let people share unique content with different target audiences. They appear as affiliate pages on the main LinkedIn Page and cannot be linked with employee profiles as main company pages can.

This feature offers the following three key benefits:


1. Drive engagement to a tailored audience

A lot of a companies messaging may not be right for a brand’s main page. Showcase Pages allow you to post tailored and more frequent messages relevant to a specific audience segment. Rather than showing content to unqualified targets, Showcase Pages allow you to create and distribute content to the audience you want to reach.

The followers of a particular bank might want any news or updates that pertain to the company or to their personal banking accounts without wanting to know anything about mortgages or business banking. A customer in Anytown, USA wouldn’t be interested in posts about a restaurant franchise in a different part of the country.

The followers of these compartmentalized pages will be more satisfied with their feeds because your posts will be more relevant to them. When they engage, you can also use this data to make business or marketing decisions based on market segmentation.


2. Build a following of qualified customers

Users can follow a Showcase Page the same way they follow a brand account. This allows them to receive updates from the Showcase Page in their feeds. By building separate follower communities, brands can more effectively distribute specific messaging about their businesses.

Not only will impressions and engagement be better, but KPIs like conversions should increase as well because you’ll be talking to more qualified customers. Trying to sell to potential customers who can’t even buy what you’re selling is wasting everyone’s time and may cause followers to tune you out or unfollow you altogether.


3. Promote content from the Showcase Page

Brands can promote content directly from a Showcase Page to consumers using LinkedIn’s native advertising platform. This allows brands to craft targeted advertisements from published posts. In the past, to avoid mixing communication across business units, companies had to promote dark unpublished posts from the main brand page. Now, Showcase Pages give marketers the option to promote published content while maintaining clarity of messaging.

Showcase Pages can also be useful for supporting big campaigns or long-term initiatives, such as corporate philanthropy activity or company culture, as you may want to keep any messaging about these topics separate from other marketing efforts.

Here’s How You Can Connect LinkedIn Showcase Pages in HeyOrca


Step 1: Go to your settings page

To add another channel to a calendar, navigate to the Calendar Settings page.

Step 2: Click Add LinkedIn

From here, you can choose which channel you would like to connect to that calendar.


To connect a LinkedIn Showcase channel, you must have administrative access on the page you are trying to connect, through your own personal profile.

Step 3: Ensure you are logged into the correct account and continue:

Step 4: Your LinkedIn Showcase Page will appear to be connected 🙌


We hope that with this latest integration, you are able to take more of your day back to focus on what matters!