Meet Jen Burns!

Jen is the Social Media Manager for We Are Cisco, Cisco’s Employee Content Branch! Jen uses HeyOrca to keep track of all her social media channels in one convenient calendar. We chatted with Jen about why HeyOrca is the perfect platform for her workflow!

What do you like best about HeyOrca?

I use HeyOrca every day! So a bit of a backstory, I came from an agency background where we were using HeyOrca for our social media publishing. When I came to Cisco’s Talent Brand, they were using a shared spreadsheet to plan up to 3 months in advance! Yay for organization and advanced planning – but I had been using HeyOrca for so long I couldn’t go back to spreadsheets. My boss said that it was up to me to make a case for HeyOrca. I explained how incredibly time-saving, visually appealing & easy to use the tool is and she was all in! Im in the tool every day because Im planning content across all of our channels (which is approximately 65+ posts per month!) We also use HeyOrca to plan our Life at Cisco blog posts as well as our content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Would you recommend HeyOrca to other social media managers?

Absolutely! It’s just so visually pleasing and incredibly easy to organize your content. I would say HeyOrca would save you hours of time planning out content opposed to the old school tools like Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Just switch to HeyOrca because it’s going to make your life easier.

What problems are you solving with HeyOrca? What benefits have you realized?

For me, it’s the colour coordination by channel. That seems like such a basic thing but being able to see all my content from a high-level view keeps everything so organized! When I’m opening up the calendar it’s like a crazy explosion of colour and that’s so zen to me because I know every channel is colour coordinated. I’m also a big fan of the event strips because you can plan out your key events and holidays right there in the calendar.

The approval system is also great for keeping my boss in the loop. She can take a quick glance and know what needs to be approved so that saves her time as well! The simplicity of HeyOrca is really what I appreciate to keep all my content organized!


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