We’ve all heard it. The next big marketing and sales revolution.

Be authentic! Be human!

If only it were that easy. But it is getting easier.

Consumers today crave a personal connection with the brands they love and follow (seemingly) more than ever before – and with almost every major social network jumping on the Stories bandwagon, there’s never been an easier way to authentically connect with an audience on social media. With 500 million people – and counting – using Instagram Stories daily, it’s also a no brainer to be doubling down on the ever-growing social format.

What’s holding you back from going all in on Instagram Stories? πŸ€”

With authenticity and those staggering numbers in mind, why are some agencies and brands still hesitant to invest in the format of the future?

We definitely see a general reluctance from agencies to dive into a (relatively) new format when resources are short and time is money. We’re all still trying to optimize our ad strategies and build tight-knit communities, right? Who has time to figure out the best way to engage through Stories and incorporate them into an already jampacked marketing calendar?

Let’s not even get started on how we’re going to communicate this to clients. πŸ™ˆ

Plan, Review, & Schedule Instagram Stories on HeyOrca

That’s where we come in. HeyOrca is purpose-built to help agencies incorporate the latest and greatest social media formats into their marketing plans and easily communicate those plans with their clients!

We recently launched support for Instagram Stories on HeyOrca so that you can plan, review, and distribute your Stories all from one place. No more disjointed marketing plans with your Instagram Stories living in separate slide decks or spreadsheets. Weave them right in where they belong: with the rest of your social strategy.

Plan πŸ“†

Build your Instagram Stories out (ahead of time) in line with the rest of your social media content and share it with clients from the same simple calendar.

Let us render your Instagram Stories for you too, so they appear exactly how they’d look in Instagram. That way, both your team and your clients are all on the same page with what’s going live.

We made sure to make it dead simple to edit your Instagram Story by uploading images and videos that will be visualized properly for you and your clients!

We make sure your Instagram Stories look beautiful and accurate so your clients can spend less time asking you questions and you can spend more time getting things done.

Review 🧐

HeyOrca makes the review, collaboration, & approval process for Instagram Stories incredibly easy for your team and clients to understand.

Let us take care of the Instagram Story visualization so your team and your clients can focus on getting aligned around your social media plans!

It’s as simple as sharing a link with your clients that directs them to their scheduled stories!

Schedule πŸ“¬

Once your clients have approved your beautiful Stories, the last step is to publish them to Instagram using our dedicated mobile app! After all the hard work of planning, building, reviewing, and scheduling your Instagram Stories, leave it to us to notify you when to push them liveπŸ‘Œ

We’ll send a push notification to a member of your team letting them know your Instagram Stories are ready to be published. From there, you can send your Instagram Stories straight to the Instagram app where you can throw on any finishing touches! πŸ–ŒοΈ

What Customer Are Saying About Instagram Stories on HeyOrca πŸ“£

Are You Ready to Go All In On the Format of the Future? πŸ“š

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