We’ve released three new Instagram Publishing features to help you streamline Instagram Publishing in HeyOrca!

The HeyOrca Development Team has been working hard to release three new Instagram Publishing features based on the feedback we’ve received from our customers!

These new features let you:

  • Schedule Instagram first comments
  • Add location tags to your posts
  • Select video thumbnails for Instagram Posts

Let’s take a closer look at each of these exciting new features 👇

Before you get started

All three of these features are available to HeyOrca customers today!

To enable them, you’ll need to:

  • Have an Instagram Business account with direct publishing enabled in your HeyOrca Calendar
  • Reauthorize your Instagram Business account to enable the new Instagram Publishing features

Scheduling Instagram First Comments in HeyOrca

Declutter your Instagram captions and save time managing posts by scheduling Instagram First Comments directly from HeyOrca!

How to Schedule Instagram First Comments

screenshot of instagram first comment in heyorca
  1. Create a new Instagram Post on your calendar or edit an existing post

  2. Add your image

  3. Add your caption

  4. Add your scheduled first comment directly below your caption!

That’s it!

Once you’re done, you can schedule your post, collaborate with your team on the content, or request approvals as you normally would with any other type of post scheduled in HeyOrca!

Note – Standard Instagram publishing limits will apply to your scheduled first comments:

  • 2,200 character limit
  • Total of 30 unique hashtags between your caption and first comment

Selecting Instagram Video Thumbnails in HeyOrca

A fast and easy way to customize the thumbnail that appears on your Instagram Video Posts and match the style of your Instagram Grid layout.

How to Edit Instagram Video Thumbnails in HeyOrca

updating instagram video thumbnail gif
  1. Create a new Instagram Post on your calendar or edit an existing post

  2. Upload a video to your post

  3. Click the “pencil” icon on your media thumbnail

  4. Use the sliding scale in the editor to select your Video Thumbnail and hit the save button once you’re done

  5. You can edit the thumbnail at any time by repeating the steps above

Want to see how your video post will look on your profile? You can use the Instagram Grid Preview feature in HeyOrca to make sure the video thumbnail you picked matches the style of your Grid.

Instagram Location Tagging in HeyOrca

Instantly increase the visibility and engagement of your posts with Instagram Location Tagging in HeyOrca.

How to Add Location Tags to Instagram Posts

screenshot of Instagram Location Tagging in HeyOrca
  1. Create a new Instagram Post on your calendar or edit an existing post

  2. Click the “map pin” icon at the bottom of the post editor

  3. Start typing the name of your location in the search bar window

  4. Select your desired location from the drop down menu

  5. Close the window when you’re done

  6. You can edit the location tag at any time by repeating the steps above

You and your team will now see the location displayed at the top of the post editor below your Instagram handle.

Want to learn more about these three new exciting Instagram Publishing features in HeyOrca?

Join us on May 7th, at 2PM (ET) for a webinar on how to do more with Instagram Publishing in HeyOrca.

instagram publishing webinar image

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