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How it Works:

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You’ll receive $100 for every eligible referral you made.

Your friends get rewarded with 50% off their first three months!

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Check the Status of Your Referrals:

Your Rewards:


Qualified Referrals

A referral reward will be awared if the following conditions are met:


  • Referred customer must use your personal referral link to sign up
  • Referred customer cannot be an existing or former HeyOrca customer
  • Referred customer cannot be a colleague within an organization you work for
  • Referred customer must complete a 90 day paid term OR subscribe for quarterly/annual subscription
  • Referred customer must become a customer within 180 days of being referred
Referrer’s Code of Conduct

Referrer’s agree that they will not violate any of the conditions below or engage in activities to “cheat the system”. HeyOrca reserves the right to withhold a referral reward if the referrer:


  • Is found to have engaged in a “self-referral”
    • referred themselves using multiple email addresses
    • referred someone else from any organization they currently work for
  • Misrepresented themselves as a HeyOrca employee
  • Lied about HeyOrca’s capabilities to influence a referral