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Stop jumping between apps and fishing through emails.

Streamline your agency’s social media collaboration process and build stronger client relationships with HeyOrca’s social media calendar tool.

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Empower your clients and create a more collaborative social media process

Manage All Your Clients in One Place
HeyOrca’s social media calendar lets you and your team manage all your clients’ social media posts, feedback, and approvals in one place.
Instant Visual Previews
Your team and clients can see exactly how scheduled posts will look before content goes live. No more manual mock ups.
Real-Time Feedback
Stop fumbling through emails and apps. Share your scheduled posts with clients and get direct feedback or approvals – right from your post. Clients can leave comments, alert team members with @ mentions, or approve posts for publishing.
Easy Client Access
The last thing your client needs is to create and manage another account. Clients can review, approve, or comment on your posts without ever having to login. Just give them a link to your content, and they’re ready to collaborate!
Approval Reminders
Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge. Keep scheduled posts from slipping through the cracks with automated client approval reminders.
“Sharing and collaborating on social media content with our clients used to happen in a word doc or a spreadsheet – that just got sloppy. Now, we can see exactly what our posts will look like on each platform and the social media calendar tool is easy to use, and easy to teach to our clients.”
Ginger Marks

Social Media Manager, BrandStar Advertising

Additional social media collaboration features for agencies

Internal & External Comments
Your client doesn’t need to read through your internal teams’ back and forth messages. HeyOrca lets you choose between sending private internal comments to your team or public external comments to all team members and stakeholders.
User Roles & Permissions
Assign relevant roles and permissions so that specific team members only have access to the client calendars and accounts they manage.
Audit Trails
This internal-facing feature helps you track your team’s work. You’ll know exactly when posts were created, when changes were made, what media was added, and which team member worked on the updates.
SMS Integration
Clients can text images on their phone directly to your calendar that you can then use to create authentic social content! No more client images cluttering your camera roll.
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“HeyOrca has been great for consolidating and streamlining our overall social media processes in the office. We now have a single spot for brainstorming concepts, mapping out a content calendar, publishing to social media platforms, and getting internal and client approvals on social media posts. It helps us save time by having it all done through one system”
Taralyn Kerr

Social Media Marketing Specialist, Matchstick

10,000+ social media managers around the world rely on HeyOrca to save time and build client trust

Features Included in
Every Social Media Calendar

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Planning & Scheduling
Plan, schedule, and publish posts directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, & Pinterest
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Link your colleagues & clients to any of the content you're working on. They can provide feedback directly on the posts.
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Client Approvals
Clients can approve or reject posts directly in HeyOrca. Posts will only go out after approval(s) have been granted.
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Report on your social media results with visual dashboards that your clients will understand and love!
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World-Class Support
Our support team will respond to you in 5 mins or less with any questions you may have. Don't forget to book your free 1-on-1 training!

Is your agency ready to streamlines its social media collaboration process?