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Find out how easy it can be to streamline your client social media approval process with HeyOrca’s social media calendar for agencies.

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A simple social media approval tool your agency and clients will 💙

Fast & Simple Approval Requests
Simply select the scheduled content you need approved and hand over a shareable link to your clients for review. Clients can approve social media posts or request revisions with the click of a button.
Visual Drafts
What you see is what your clients get! The social media post you schedule look exactly as they will on the social networks your are publishing to. Your clients can rest assured that the content they approve is the content that will be scheduled.
Easy Client Access
Make your clients’ lives even easier. Clients can approve social media posts or provide feedback directly on your content in HeyOrca without ever having to create an account.
Manage Multiple Clients
With HeyOrca, you can manage each of your client calendars from one dashboard. Every calendar comes with its own unique settings, connected social accounts, media library, users, user permission settings, and approval workflows.
Custom Content Permissions
Your agency can control how much or how little content your clients can see in their social media calendar. Custom content permissions give you full control of your client calendars.
Prior to HeyOrca we were constantly sending emails back and forth with clients and to be honest our clients didn’t feel our campaigns were “under control”. HeyOrca’s calendar is critical for planning and the social media approval tool is exactly what our clients need to feel their social campaign is under control. Thanks, HeyOrca team, you guys are the bestest!
John B.

Co-Founder, Socialpeeks

Additional client approval features designed for agencies

Automated Approval Reminders
Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge. Set automated approval reminders for your clients to ensure a deadline is never missed.
Assign Multi-Approvals
Need the greenlight on your social media posts from multiple stakeholders? HeyOrca lets you assign multiple approvers to your social media calendars.
Optional Universal Link
Choose to give your client a full view of their content calendar. They can bookmark the universal link and view their content calendar any time. They may only approve or reject content in the “awaiting approval” stage.
Password Protection Available
HeyOrca’s shareable link feature can be password protected to provide your clients with extra security.
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10,000+ social media managers around the world rely on HeyOrca to save time and build client trust

Features Included in
Every Social Media Calendar

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Planning & Scheduling
Plan, schedule, and publish posts directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, & Pinterest
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Link your colleagues & clients to any of the content you're working on. They can provide feedback directly on the posts.
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Client Approvals
Clients can approve or reject posts directly in HeyOrca. Posts will only go out after approval(s) have been granted.
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Report on your social media results with visual dashboards that your clients will understand and love!
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World-Class Support
Our support team will respond to you in 5 mins or less with any questions you may have. Don't forget to book your free 1-on-1 training!

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