Sprout Social Alternatives: A Comparison With HeyOrca

Sprout Alternatives - HeyOrca comparison

There are plenty of Sprout Social alternatives on the market. We’re often asked how HeyOrca compares to other social media management tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer.

HeyOrca was designed to manage social media for multiple clients at a price point that is accessible for all levels of business. We bring together content drafting, collaboration, client approvals and scheduling in one place, with separate calendars for each client.

To better determine if HeyOrca is right for you, we’ve put together a detailed breakdown of how we differ from Sprout Social.

At a Glance:

Feature HeyOrca Sprout Social
Publishing Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn (personal and business pages), Instagram*

*HeyOrca notifies you to publish with an email or push notification, and content auto-copies to your clipboard (direct publishing coming soon!)

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+
Social Media Approvals For Clients Yes, for all plans

*Mockup posts for unsupported networks are available for client approvals

Yes, if invited in to one of your company’s designated users
Number of Users Unlimited Plan prices scale by user
Number of Registered Social Profiles Unlimited 10-20, dependant on plan
Social Media Listening No Yes
Analytics Yes Yes
Retain Drafts All users and teams No
Media Library All users and teams Yes, for Enterprise level users
Drag and drop calendar Yes No
Separate calendar and social account groups for different clients Yes Yes
Mobile App For Instagram publishing only Yes
Plans and Pricing HeyOrca scales price by client teams. We offer flexible pricing: $299 – $499+ per month

(1-15+ clients, unlimited social profiles, unlimited users).

Price scales by the number of users and by plan type. Features dependant on plan level:

Premium: $99 user per month
Corporate: $149 user per month
Enterprise: $249 user per month

Dedicated customer support Assigned a customer experience representative No

1. Supported Networks


HeyOrca currently supports the ability to publish to the following social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook pages
  • LinkedIn company pages and personal profiles
  • Instagram* (HeyOrca notifies you to publish with a push notification–direct publishing coming soon!)

All HeyOrca teams have the ability to add unlimited social pages and profiles for each client you have registered in the system.

HeyOrca allows you to mock up posts (for drafting and approval processes only) in what we call Demo Accounts for other networks including:

  • YouTube
  • Google+
  • Tumblr
  • Reddit
  • SnapChat
  • Pinterest

Having the ability to mock up posts for all the current popular networks allows you to keep planning and approval for social media in one place.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social currently supports the ability to publish to the following social networks:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook (profiles, pages and groups)
  • Google+ (pages and profiles)
  • LinkedIn (profiles and companies)
  • Instagram profiles

The amount of social media profiles you can have active on your account varies from plan to plan. A premium account gives you 10 profiles, whereas an Enterprise plan will give you 20.

2. Social Media Drafting and Scheduling


Drafting a post: HeyOrca allows you to draft, schedule and reschedule your posts in a few ways. You can create a draft in your content library to be scheduled for a future date, or create a post right on your daily timeline or monthly calendar view. You can also use our bulk planner to populate your calendar with placeholders for the same days and times every week.

Creating a post through calendar view in HeyOrca

When you start to draft a post, choose the appropriate social platform, and profile or page. Note that our platform does not allow you to publish a single message to multiple social media profiles at once.

Next, add your text. Shorten any links with our embedded Bit.ly and see how content will embed. You can then add or replace a video or image to go with your post via upload or choose from your media library. After you add an image, you get access to a comprehensive web image editor to allow you to clean up, crop, add filters or stickers.

HeyOrca draft post

When your clients go to approve the post, they will see it mocked up exactly as it will appear natively when published.

Scheduling: HeyOrca does not have an auto schedule option, but in the post-planning window, you can schedule your post for any day or time. If you planned the post in our content library, you can schedule the post from there, and all teams can retain scheduled posts in the library for future use as evergreen content or as a template for future content.

Scheduled posts and unapproved drafts can then be viewed in a daily list view or monthly calendar view. If you want to easily change the date of a scheduled post, you can drag and drop the post to another day in calendar view.

Sprout Social

Drafting a Post: To draft a post in Sprout, click the compose button on the navbar. This will bring up a drafting window where you choose your social network and then draft your post. You can shorten links with bit.ly, and if you want to see how a post will look when published, you can hit Sprout’s preview button to get a view. After you finish your draft, you can save your draft to review and publish at a later time, or use one of Sprout’s scheduling options.

Scheduling: Sprout offers a few ways to schedule content. You can choose a day and time to publish, or use Sprout’s auto-schedule option which can either schedule posts at intervals you choose, or automatically set a day and time based on their assessment of when your followers are most active with your account.

Sprout Social Draft Post

3. User Permissions and Content Approvals


With HeyOrca, you have the ability to register an unlimited number of users, no matter how many teams you pay for. Users can be set up as Internal or External. Internal users are part of your agency or organization and can be assigned across multiple clients. External users only have access to their own brand team. All users can also be assigned different levels of viewing, reviewing and editing permissions; you can read more about ones for Internal users here, or the ones for External users here.

An internal user can share specific posts or an entire calendar with external users, and generate a custom link for that user to access the posts with no login. External users can then suggest changes or approve those posts. HeyOrca retains an audit trail for every post so there will be no finger-pointing down the line and full transparency. Scheduled posts on HeyOrca will publish only if they are approved.

HeyOrca Approval

Sprout Social

With Sprout, the pricing plans scale up for each user you register to your account. You have the ability to designate user roles, and also set up content for approval if you are using a Corporate or Enterprise plan. However, for external approvals, your stakeholders must take up one of the seats available in your plan. Users and stakeholders can be assigned to client-specific groups along with the client’s social accounts.

For every social media profile you have registered, an administrator can set it up so that posts have to be approved before they can be published. The account can also be set up so that more than one stakeholder needs to approve each post. Reviewers can then leave comments and tag specific team members if changes need to be made, or they can approve a post for publication.

Sprout Social Collaboration

4. Social Account Management


With a focus on agencies and approvals, HeyOrca allows you to group related social media profiles into client teams. Each team has its own scheduling, calendar, and libraries, so you’ll never accidentally program posts for the wrong client. This also limits your clients from seeing the rest of your dashboard and eliminates the need to send post copy via spreadsheets (but you can export them to a spreadsheet if you wish).

Each team has the ability to add unlimited social media profiles to manage, and it’s easy to add or remove them from the team settings. You can also filter by account when viewing your calendar.

Sprout Social

The number of social media profiles you can register depends on your account level. Profiles can be grouped together by client to stay organized.

You can create a separate environment with a unique calendar and analytics for each client with a specific agency plan (custom pricing). You can filter the calendar by profile or tags to easily find the posts you’re looking for.

5. Managing Social Assets


Saving Drafts and Templates: All plans have access to HeyOrca’s Content Library to save unlimited drafts and templates. You can publish posts from here and retain them for future use. Tag content and then use filters to easily find what you are looking for, both in your library and on your calendar.

Saving media assets: HeyOrca gives you access to a media library with unlimited storage. Keep your frequently used images, GIFs, and videos together in one place, and tag them so you can use filters to locate them easily.

HeyOrca 2.0 Media Library

Sprout Social

Saving Drafts and Templates: Sprout allows you to save drafts to publish later or submit for review. However, once a draft is published it will not be retained.

Saving media assets: Sprout Social provides Enterprise users with a 1TB library to store media assets. All images and videos can be tagged and filter to be found easily.

Sprout Social Asset Library

6. Pricing

Sprout Social

Sprout has three basic pricing plans, and each plan cost only represents one user. They charge your agency more for each additional user registered to your account. This can make the costs prohibitive for SMBs. However, this pricing plan might appeal to a freelancer who would be the only user. Freelancers would have to invest more if they wanted a client approval feature in the tool.

$99 per user per month
10 social profiles

$149 per user per month
15 social profiles

$249 per user per month
20 social profiles


HeyOrca’s pricing offers teams more social media scheduling and posting flexibility than most products. We dont charge agencies by users and social profiles. We offer a more fair and scalable pricing model based on how many clients your agency needs separate teams for.

Here’s our breakdown:

1-4 Clients:
This package costs $299/month. You get an unlimited number of users, social profiles, social posts, assets under storage, client approvals, and product training (with a dedicated customer success representative. However, you dont get access to our text-message to media library function. Custom branding on your agencys HeyOrca internal and external interface is not available.

5-8 Clients:
This package costs $349/month. You get an unlimited number of users, social profiles, social posts, assets under storage, client approvals, and product training (with a dedicated customer success representative. You also get access to our text-message to media library function, and custom branding on your agencys HeyOrca internal and external interface.

9-15 Clients:
This package costs $499/month. You get all the same features as the package for 5-8 clients.

16+ Clients:
This package pricing is customized. You get all the same features as the package for 5-8 clients.

Social Media Planning and Content Approvals In One Place

Sprout Social was designed with Enterprise customers in mind. It has powerful listening features and analytics but is restrictive in the ability to collaborate with external stakeholders as you need to pay to register them. With a large team that means you could be paying a couple grand a month!

HeyOrca allows you to group social media profiles into separate client teams so it’s easy to manage your scheduling, and sending posts for approval is a snap. Our plans suit any budget for agencies, organizations, and freelancers, and we don’t limit our features based on the amount you pay per month.

Give HeyOrca a try. Your clients will be glad you did!

We hope this post has helped you determine if HeyOrca is right for you. For more information, be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or reach out to us using the chat icon in the corner of your browser window.

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