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What’s New in Social

Instagram Stories will no longer be split up if they are less than 60 seconds

Instagram Stories up to 60 seconds will no longer be broken up into segments

No more split-up Stories! Instagram will no longer split your Instagram Stories into segments if it is under 60 seconds.ย 

Instagram is testing a way to send your posts to your followers through DM

Instagram is currently testing a feature that would allow people to share their latest posts with connections via DM. I can see this getting out of hand real quick!

Meta adds new account switching and cross-app alert tools

Meta says,ย โ€œWe know that many people use more than one of our apps to pursue different interests, reach a broader audience or share different aspects of who they are with different groups of people. With that in mind, weโ€™re simplifying the process of creating and switching between accounts and profiles.โ€

Trending Audio

To get direct links to these songs and ideas of how you can use them, check out our trending audio blog post.

Trending audio for Instagram Reels & TikTok

In Other News

HeyOrca is hiring a Product Manager!

Facebook tests “Subscriber Only” posts

YouTube tests improved comment removal notificationsย 

How to formulate a more effective approach to TikTok marketing

Everyone can now share NFTs on Instagram and Facebook

Social Holidays for the Month of October

October 1 โ€“ First Day of Black History Month (UK) / International Coffee Day / World Vegetarian Day

October 2 โ€“ First Day of Mental Health Awareness Week (CA)

October 3 โ€“ National Boyfriend Day (US) / Mean Girls Day

October 4 โ€“ Yom Kippur Starts / Feast of St. Francis of Assisi

October 5 โ€“ Yom Kippur Ends / World Teachers Day

October 6 โ€“ Instagramโ€™s Birthday

October 8 โ€“ The Prophetโ€™s Birthday

October 9 โ€“ First Day of Sukkot

October 10 โ€“ World Mental Health Day / Columbus Day (US) / Thanksgiving

October 11 โ€“ National Coming Out Day

October 15 โ€“ Sweetest Day / Hoshana Rabbah / White Cane Safety Day

October 16 โ€“ Last Day of Sukkot / Shemini Atzeret

October 24 โ€“ Diwali / Deepavali

October 26 โ€“ National Pumpkin Day (US)

October 31 โ€“ Halloween

Sync all of the social media holidays for the year with your Google Calendar by clicking here.

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