You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. This article will cover everything you need to know about HeyOrca’s social media management tool designed for agencies. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, here’s a quick overview video of what HeyOrca can do…


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General questions about HeyOrca

Let’s start with the basics… In this section, we’ll cover general questions social media managers, agencies, and freelancers have about the HeyOrca platform.

What makes HeyOrca different from other social media management platforms?

HeyOrca is a visual social media management tool that was designed for social media and marketing agencies who rely on collaboration and approvals to streamline their content development process. Rather than use spreadsheets or lengthy email chains to share content, users can easily:

  • Quickly plan, create, and schedule visual content as it would appear on various social media platforms.
  • Share drafts for feedback to internal team members or external stakeholders using a custom link. You can use filters to choose the content you want to share or manually select the desired posts before generating a link.
  • Users or clients can provide in-line comments or approve posts without ever having to create an account.
  • Stakeholders can easily approve your content from within HeyOrca. Automated reminders for scheduled content will ensure that your team and clients never miss an approval deadline.

Is HeyOrca only meant to be used by marketing & social media agencies?

Nope! While HeyOrca was built with agencies in mind, social media teams of all sizes use us to streamline their social media publishing, collaboration, and approvals. Everyone can benefit from HeyOrca’s powerful social media platform…Including you!

You Get HeyOrca

How can I see if HeyOrca is the right social media management tool for me?

There are a few ways you can learn about our solution and how it may fit your needs:

  1. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial. And no, we won’t ask you for a credit card to start your trial.
  2. Book a time for a free demo here. We’ll talk about your needs and walk you through the features that are most relevant to you. We can always book a follow-up call if you have more questions.
  3. Find out why we’ve been rated 4.8 stars by over 120 users on G2 Crowds.

Also, feel free to sign-up for a free trial and book a demo. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

HeyOrca Free Trial Banner

What happens at the end of my free 14-day trial?

Short answer: whatever you want.

If you decide that you need more time to choose the right solution for your needs, your trial will simply end. We don’t take your credit card information so you won’t have to worry about your account being charged unintentionally. As always, you can feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule a demo.

Should you decide to continue using HeyOrca, you can pick up where you left off by signing into your trial account and subscribing for a paid membership.

If you have any questions about our pricing or want to upgrade your account, please reach out to

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

You bet! And you won’t get penalized for doing so. All you have to do is reach out to to upgrade or downgrade your account.

What kind of technical support does HeyOrca offer?

We offer unlimited support for all users through the in-app chat or by email. We also offer free, unlimited training for all our customers. All you have to do is book a time.

P.S – HeyOrca customers rave about our world-class support and Canadian Hospitality. We’re not just tooting our own horn… here’s just one of many reviews about our customer service:

HeyOrca Customer Support Review

What are HeyOrca’s support hours?

You can expect to hear back from our support team within 5 minutes during the following business hours:

  • Monday to Thursday: 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM ET
  • Friday: 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM ET

Questions about HeyOrca’s features

What is a calendar and what does it include?

Calendars are used in HeyOrca to visually organize the clients and brands that you manage social media content for. Calendars allow you to easily create and collaborate on content for a specific client’s social media brand, see the status of their posts, and manage approvals in one visual place.

Each calendar comes with:

  • Visual post calendar with day and month views
  • Unlimited users
  • Up to 10 social media accounts
  • Unlimited posts
  • Post tagging and campaign tagging for easy organization and filtering
  • Easy to share links for collaboration and approvals
  • In-line feedback and collaboration tool
  • Audit trails on all changes made to a post
  • A media library with unlimited storage + built-in photo editor + Canva Integration
  • The ability to upload multimedia directly to the media library from the app or via text message
  • Content library for creating and scheduling evergreen content in one place
  • Notes for labeling important and/or recurring events in your calendar
  • Analytics/reporting
  • Customized settings and user permissions

HeyOrca Calendar View

I have X number of social media clients. How many HeyOrca calendars will I need?

Most customers will dedicate one calendar to every client or brand they manage.

That being said, you can schedule content for multiple clients in one calendar, but your clients may be able to see each others content.

Having one calendar per client allows you to have a centralized place to manage content publishing, users, and approvals in one place. Plus you’ll be able to get at-a-glance data on all your client calendars from the dashboard view. Here you’ll be able to quickly see the status of all your planned posts.

HeyOrca Dashboard

If you need help figuring out how many calendars you will need, please reach out to

Creating & Scheduling Content in HeyOrca

Scheduling Meme

What kind of social media content can I schedule in HeyOrca?

Currently, HeyOrca allows you to create and schedule content for the following platforms:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business
  • Placeholder content for: Pinterest, TikTok, YouTube, SnapChat, Reddit, Tumblr, WordPress, Twitch, Vimeo, Flickr, and many more

What social networks does HeyOrca allow me to publish to?

You can use HeyOrca to schedule and publish content directly to:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram (via Buffer integration)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google My Business

HeyOrca X Instagram:

How do I publish content to Instagram using HeyOrca?

There are a couple of ways to publish to Instagram using HeyOrca.

  1. For single photo posts, you can publish directly to Instagram using our Buffer Integration.
  2. For videos, multi photo, single photo, and stories you can publish to Instagram using our mobile app or email notifications. When you publish using the mobile app or email notifications, you get access to editing on Instagram, including filters and story features.

*Note: Due to restrictions in Instagrams API, social media tools like HeyOrca and our competitors, are unable to directly publish stories or multi photo Instagram posts. All platforms must use an alternative, such as a mobile app or email notifications to publish this type of content to Instagram. This includes platforms that are Instagram/Facebook partners.

Does HeyOrca support Instagram Stories?

Yes, they can be scheduled in HeyOrca and published using our mobile app or email notifications.

Does HeyOrca support IGTV posts?

Yes, videos over 60 seconds can be scheduled in HeyOrca and published using our mobile app or email notifications as IGTV posts.

Does HeyOrca have an Instagram Grid view?

We are working on this feature and it is currently in Beta mode. This feature will allow users to view their drafted and scheduled posts in grid view to ensure brand consistency and provide visual context to clients.

HeyOrca X Google My Business:

Does HeyOrca publish to Google My Business?

Yes. You can publish single image posts directly to Google My Business using HeyOrca.

HeyOrca Google My Business Post

HeyOrca X Pinterest:

We do not currently support Pinterest direct publishing, however you can schedule Pinterest posts in HeyOrca using a Pinterest placeholder channel.

We are currently working on getting Pinterest direct publishing 🎉

Can I @mention pages in a post?

Yes, you can! Here are the details:

  • Facebook: You can @mention any Facebook business page.
  • Twitter: You can @mention any Twitter handle.
  • LinkedIn (personal, business or showcase): You can @mention any LinkedIn business page.
  • Instagram: You can @mention any Instagram page. Due to restrictions in the Instagram API, you wont have the option to choose from a list of suggested profiles, but as long as the handle is correct when the post is published, the tag will be live.

Can I duplicate a post across multiple social networks?

Absolutely! You can copy any post to multiple social networks at once in a matter of seconds. You can also copy multiple posts at the same time. Best of all, it’s really easy to do!

HeyOrca Copy Function

Can I publish a post from one calendar to multiple calendars in my account?

Yes, you can. You can use our advanced copy feature to copy one or more posts from one calendar to another.

Can I schedule paid ads in HeyOrca?

We are currently working on a feature to allow you to promote Facebook posts directly in HeyOrca 🎉 We are hoping to have this available to users soon!!

In the meantime, you can schedule and collaborate on posts in HeyOrca, get approvals, then use our Facebook Creator Studio integration to push the post to Facebook scheduler and convert it into an ad!

HeyOrca Facebook Scheduler

Collaboration and client approvals

How can my team use HeyOrca to collaborate on content?

HeyOrca makes collaborating with your team and clients as easy as pie 🥧 You, your team, and clients can:

  • Work on posts together and see exactly how they will appear on social channels
  • Leave in-line comments on posts and specify whether they are seen by internal team members, clients, or all users
  • Tag team members and clients in posts for feedback
  • Assign posts that require approval from your team or clients before publishing
  • Set automated reminders for posts that require approvals

How do approvals work in HeyOrca?

Approvals are HeyOrca’s bread and butter. HeyOrca is designed to make managing client approvals quick and easy.

If a post requires approval before it can be published, all you have to do is set the post to “awaiting approval” then select the stakeholder(s) that needs to approve it. The approver will receive a notification via email or you can send them a link to the post that requires their approval. Once they’ve opened the link, they will have the option to approve, reject, or leave feedback on the post. You can even set up automated reminders for post approvals!

Content Approval in HeyOrca

Will I have to send an approval link for every post?

Nope. We exist to help save you time. We’ve made it effortless to select and share multiple posts at once or use the filtering functionality to share a grouping of posts for approval. You can filter by time-frame, post status, tag, and campaign name.

Client Sharing GIF

Does HeyOrca allow posts to be approved by multiple people?

Totally! You can assign and require approvals from multiple people. All stakeholders will need to approve the post before it published at its scheduled time.

How will my client access posts in HeyOrca and what will they see?

This is entirely up to you. Clients can be assigned different roles depending on their involvement in the collaboration process. Here are the three user types:

  1. External Admin: An External Admin will receive an invitation to set up an account with HeyOrca, and will log in with an email and password. They can see all content in the calendar they are in. They also have access to the Media/Content library and the calendar settings. They are able to connect new social accounts, create/edit content, approve/reject content, leave comments on posts, and receive Instagram notifications. External Admins are not able to delete users or see other clients’ calendars.
  2. External Copywriter: An External Copywriter will receive an invitation to set up an account with HeyOrca, and will log in with an email and password. They can see all content in the calendar they are in and are able to create/edit content and leave comments on posts. They also have access to the Media/Content library. They are not able to see other client calendars and do not have access to calendar settings.
  3. External Stakeholder: An External Stakeholder will not receive an invitation to set up an account, and instead they will view content that is sent to them in a shareable link. To access content in a shareable link, they open the link, click on their name, and then they can view the content. They cannot see content in the calendar that has not been sent to them in a shareable link, unless they are given a Universal Access link. They can only approve/reject content or leave comments. They will only receive emails for post comment threads they are a part of, and approval reminders.

Setting External Team Members in HeyOrca

What is the most commonly used client role in HeyOrca?

Most users choose to assign clients with the role of “External Stakeholder” which means they don’t need to create a profile to login to HeyOrca, will receive minimal email notifications, can approve/reject posts, and leave comments on posts. External Stakeholders will only see the content that has been shared with them and will not be able to access other calendars.

Can my clients change the copy of a post?

This depends on the role you assign to your client(s). If you make a client an External Admin or External Copywriter in a calendar, they have the ability to create or edit posts in that calendar. If you make a client an External Stakeholder in a calendar, they cannot create or edit posts in that calendar. All client roles are able to leave comments on posts.

How does my client leave feedback on content?

Your client can leave comments on posts that are visible to everyone in the calendar. They can also tag you and your team in the comments.

What permissions can I set for my internal team in HeyOrca?

All non-client team members are considered “internal team members” in HeyOrca and will be invited to create an account in HeyOrca with their email and a password. There are four internal roles that can be assigned to team members in each calendar:

  • Internal Admin: Internal Admins are able to create content, approve/reject content, and leave comments. They have access to all calendars and their media/content libraries, settings, and analytics. They are able to remove users and social accounts in the calendar settings and are also able to re-authorize social accounts.
  • Calendar Owner: Calendar Owners are able to create content, approve/reject content, and leave comments on the calendar they’ve been assigned to. They have access to the calendar, its media/content library, settings, and analytics. They are also able to delete the calendar, any users or social accounts associated with the calendar. They are also able to re-authorize social accounts on that calendar.
  • Internal Copywriter: Internal Copywriters are able to create/edit content, and leave comments, but cannot approve/reject content to have it publish. They have access to the calendar, the libraries, and analytics. They do not have access to the calendar settings.
  • Internal Stakeholder: Stakeholders are only able to approve/reject content, and leave comments. They have access to the calendar, the libraries, and analytics. They do not have access to the calendar settings.

What kind of social media reports/analytics does HeyOrca provide?

We currently allow users to track the following data:

  • Number of posts published
  • Change in number of likes
  • Total engagement
  • Change in number of comments
  • Change in number of shares
  • Top ten posts

HeyOrca V1 Analytics

We are currently working on updating our analytics based on feedback from our customers. Analytics V2 is currently in Beta mode and will feature:

  • Visual and clickable top posts
  • Facebook & Instagram Impressions
  • Client-friendly graphs
  • And much more!!!🎉

HeyOrca V2 Analytics

What tools does HeyOrca integrate with?

HeyOrca integrates with the following tools to help you get your job done more efficiently:

  • Canva -No need to open a million tabs! Our Canva integration allows you to edit and create content directly from your existing Canva account within Heyorca.
  • Facebook Creator Studio – This integration allows you to plan content in HeyOrca and send it to Facebook Creator Studio. This allows you to boost your scheduled posts.
  • Google Drive – This integration allows you to easily upload media from your Google Drive account.
  • OneDrive – This integration allows you to easily upload media from your OneDrive account.
  • Dropbox – This integration allows you to easily upload media from your Dropbox account.

Features we are looking into:

Does HeyOrca support community management?

We do not currently have any community management features, however we are looking into adding this capability in the future!

Does HeyOrca suggest optimal post times?

HeyOrca does not currently suggest optimal post times, however we are looking into adding this capability in the future!

HeyOrca Pricing Questions

How much does HeyOrca cost?

HeyOrca is priced by calendar. Your each calendar costs $99 per month. You can bundle and save 40% (only $59 per calendar) when your sign up for 5 – 9 calendars.

Want 10+ calendars? Get in touch for bulk discount pricing!

How many users are included with each HeyOrca calendar?

You can add as many users has your heart desires. HeyOrca offers unlimited users with every social media calendar.

No Limits Gif

How many social media accounts can I connect to my account?

Each calendar comes with up to 10 social media accounts.

Do I have to pay annually for my HeyOrca subscription?

Nope. You can pay monthly. But, you’ll get an additional 15% off your subscription if you choose to move forward with an annual subscription.

What’s your cancellation policy?

For companies that pay monthly, you must cancel before your next payment is due. Monthly users are charged once a month of the same day of the month. For companies that pay annually, you must cancel before your account is up for renewal.

Annual subscriptions are charged once a year. Our Account Manager will reach out to you before your account is renewed for another year.

You can reach out to if you wish to cancel at any time.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or click on the link below to take HeyOrca for a spin. Your 14 day trial is free and no credit card is required to sign-up!

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