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Who are you? What is your background?

Twine PR is a Public Relations firm on the east coast of Newfoundland that began November 2017 when we, Erin Molloy and Erika Kelland, made the leap to become entrepreneurs and carve our own path. We didn’t stumble upon this career, and we grew as individuals before we grew together. From integrated communications campaigns to public speaking and media interview training to community giving and engagement initiatives, we’ve been fortunate to have helped many amazing clients both locally and nationally. To give some further background, here is a little more about each of us.

Erin always knew she was an entrepreneur at heart, but understood the importance of learning and finessing the craft through valuable experience with amazing organizations. After studying English at Memorial University, then moving on to Mount Saint Vincent University to complete a Bachelor of Public Relations, Erin began her communications career at a high profile hospital in Toronto. This role kicked her career into high gear, giving her extensive responsibility and experience in communications counsel; crisis communications planning; media relations at the local, provincial and national level; event planning; government relations; branding; and the strategy behind it all – the piece closest to her soul. A soul that must have belonged at home in St. John’s, so she left the big city on the bittersweetest of notes to find out.

Since returning back home in 2008, Erin has worked in industries such as government, non-profit, oil and gas, construction, and financial, as well as a marketing agency where she managed a large, diverse client base representing all industries from those mentioned, to arts, to tourism, to retail, to health. Creating meaningful relationships and learning about the incredible work that is happening in our province is what gets Erin up in the morning. That, and being a new parent along with her husband, Chris, to their beautiful daughter, Joni, who has taught her the true meaning of love and responsibility.

When Erin is not working, volunteering, spending time with her family and friends, or traveling, she is learning from her heroes – the celebrity chefs of the Food Network. If she could meet anyone on earth, it would be Gordon Ramsay. Bobby Flay is a close second.

Erika is a mindful communicator with a passion for helping those around her in whichever capacity they need. With a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University, a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Mount Saint Vincent University, and extensive Project Management training, efficient processes, strategic messaging, and thoughtful delivery are guiding principles in each of her projects. There is very little Erika walks into without pragmatically analyzing all the angles and outcomes.

Erika has worked on both sides of the table, with a full-service marketing agency as well as industry. She has worked with private and public sector clients in a variety of industries including safety, oil and gas, energy, lifestyle, transportation, automotive, and technology. She is also committed to donating her time and expertise to various not-for-profit projects and programs throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

Erika understands that to think out of the box, you need to meticulously understand what’s in it. She is committed to learning as much as she can about how your business operates so she can assure you’re not only meeting your communication goals, but your organization’s vision as well.

Through her gluten-free, dairy-free adventures, Erika loves to bake healthy treats for family and friends (even if they don’t realize they’re healthy). She never takes the breathtaking Newfoundland scenery for granted and loves to hike, run, and explore outport communities. Erika hopes to soon be a dog mom and is currently taking any and all breed recommendations.

We want to ensure that everything we do is guided by three main pillars – work with great people, love what you do and better our community.

How would you describe Twine PR?

By definition, twine brings together two or more pieces to form a stronger bond, which is the drive behind every client relationship and project we build. At Twine PR, one of our key values is to create partnerships that will help strengthen businesses and individuals in our community and province. We want to ensure that everything we do is guided by three main pillars – work with great people, love what you do and better our community.

What does your agency do especially well? What is your speciality?

Twine stands out by focusing in. We build meaningful relationships and empower our clients through honest conversations and strategic preparation. We are not the large firm that is trying to grab your attention by being loud and flashy, we push beyond the smoke and mirrors to focus on what matters – you. We offer a holistic approach that is mindful of all business goals, and ensure the integrity of your company is not only honored, but strengthened. 

While we could list the competencies and practical skills  we have as a firm, at the core, our specialty is to create realistic, strategic plans and tactics that get to the heart of the matter, solutions that look past the symptoms and address the root problem. Through that process, we build trusting relationships with our clients and their stakeholders to create lasting impact that works the first time.

How would you describe your workplace/office culture?

The beauty of our office, is it’s wherever, whatever we and our clients  need it to be, We chose early on not to lease a formal office space as we wanted our space to be as nimble and efficient as we are. We built a permanent at-home office space, but spend most of our time feeding off the energies of local coffee houses, or even within our clients’ space. Our approach to office space reflects that of our projects – practical, comfortable, and with no added cost to the client. 

Connecting with your client on a human-level is key. Regardless of the project, crisis, or need, at the end of the day your client wants the support of an agency, of people, they trust.

Any advice in building a great client – agency relationship?

We approach every client relationship the way we do every interpersonal connection – with clear communication, trust, and empathy.  Connecting with your client on a human-level is key. Regardless of the project, crisis, or need, at the end of the day your client wants the support of an agency, of people, they trust. Trust that you have their best interest in mind and trust in your competency.  

These are the other critical factors we recommend you keep in mind:

  1. Define what success looks like for your client 
    • To ensure success, we believe it’s critical to define what success looks like for your client. Clearly define their expectations from day one and ensure every action taken brings you collectively closer to that goal. 
  2. Be thoughtful
    • Don’t simply complete the task, be mindful and thoughtful during the process. Be sure you’re asking the right questions and challenging the deliverables to ensure you’re achieving what truly needs to be achieved to provide a solution.
  3. Meet deadlines
    • Simply put. 
  4. Partner with the right experts/suppliers/subcontractors
    • A benefit of being a small nimble agency is that you can build your custom  team that meets the client’s deliverables in an efficient, cost-effective way. Push your ego aside and critically think, do we have the best people on this team to accomplish this goal? This should be a question from project kick-off.
  5. Ensure you’re always adding value

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