Finally, A Social Media Calendar For Agencies For!

It’s the moment we’ve ALL been waiting for! Take a step back and review all the great content you’re creating, editing, approving, and scheduling in HeyOrca’s very own social media calendar.

You now have the ability to easily add and remove posts in your HeyOrca social media calendar and see at a glance what content is being published on a given day, week, or month.

Adding & Editing Posts

Creating and editing posts in the social media calendar still has the recognizable look and feel from the social channels that you’re used to. Easily create a new post by clicking on a day and selecting the ‘add post’ button. This will populate that day with an empty post that you can now edit. Dive in and edit the copy or content for that post by clicking on it. This opens the post in a new window that visualizes what it will look like on a given social channel.

Changing the Dates of Posts

Having second thoughts about a tweet or Facebook post going out this Thursday? No problem. Simply drag and drop posts in your social media calendar to the day you want them to be published.

Check out some of the other amazing productivity and collaboration features HeyOrca has to offer:

1. The Ultimate Sandbox for Social Media Planning

When you’re pumping out tons of content across multiple social media channels, chances are that a number of different people are involved in the process from ideation and creation all the way to publication.

With that in mind, here at HeyOrca we provide you with a few different options to plan out your social media posts both easily and efficiently for all your teams!


From the Timeline view, you can create posts by clicking on the

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 1

button on the grey toolbar underneath the navigation bar, or by clicking the

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 2

button which is found right in your timeline. This allows you to create a single post at a time which you can then edit and schedule to be published.


Timeline is great for creating ad-hoc posts and to complement your social media campaigns, but campaigns in HeyOrca allow you to plan weeks and months in advance! Campaigns allow you to build a framework for your social media content plan and keep your posts relevant and on-topic.

From the navigation bar, you can click ‘Campaigns’ and select ‘Create New’ from the drop down menu.When creating your new campaign you can add a title and notes as a description:

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 3
After you’ve named your campaign and provided a description, you can decide on a template for building your campaign. Your options include:

Empty campaign: This option allows you to create the campaign from scratch by adding each post manually.

Copy existing: This option allows you to copy an existing campaign, but shift the starting dates and convert all the posts to empty posts.

Custom: This option allows you to select a start and end date for your campaign and then select the number of posts (and times) for each channel you are managing.

HeyOrca - Social Media Planning 4

2. Creating teams in HeyOrca

Managing a social network for any brand is tough. What’s even more challenging is taking care of all their social channels at the same time!

Keeping organized with spreadsheets and email communications just doesn’t cut it when you’re forced to publish in real-time and make sure every post looks perfect.

That’s where we come in. HeyOrca allows you to create and visualize posts across the social networks you’re responsible for – exactly the way they would look like on those channels.

Creating teams in HeyOrca in 3 simple steps:


Step 1) Create a team


Creating teams in HeyOrca - Create Team


Step 2) Connect all the appropriate social channels to HeyOrca


Creating teams in HeyOrca - Connect Social Channels


Step 3) Add team members and clients/stakeholders to your newly created team


Creating teams in HeyOrca - Add Team Members and Clients/Stakeholders


Whether you’re in charge of a single business’, brand’s, or client’s social channels, HeyOrca gives you the ability to easily manage each channel in a centralized team environment.

3. Add Members to Your Teams in HeyOrca

You’ve created a team in HeyOrca. You’ve connected all the appropriate social media channels. Now what?

You want to add members to your team who will be creating, reviewing, approving, and publishing great content!

HeyOrca currently supports 3 different roles and permissions:


  • Has complete access to everything within a given team.
  • Can create, view, edit, approve, schedule, publish, and comment on all content.
  • Can edit team settings – this involves adding and removing team members as well as changing their roles.


  • Has the ability to create, view, and edit all content.
  • Cannot approve, schedule, or publish without the approval of others.
  • Cannot edit team settings.


  • Can only view, approve, reject, and comment on posts that are shared with them.
  • Comments that are marked as “hidden” by your team are hidden from the Stakeholder view.

4. Instagram Support on HeyOrca

Instagram has become a valuable asset in the modern marketer’s toolbox. As always, we want our customers to be at the forefront of social media, so we are excited to announce the rollout of Instagram support on HeyOrca!

How it Works

You can now create drafts of your Instagram posts that your clients or stakeholders can preview. Sadly, because of Instagram’s restrictions, we can’t post on your behalf. However, when you are planning an Instagram post, HeyOrca will send the content to the chosen email address (sample below). You can then easily download and schedule it to Instagram itself 😊.

Looking for some inspiration for your masterpiece? Instagram Business is a great resource for any company!
Instagram support

5. Involving Clients in the Creative & Approval Process Made Easy

Involving clients and stakeholders in the creative and approval process for social media content creation is awesome.

On the other hand, we understand that it can also be frustrating at times.

That’s why we’ve developed a client loop that allows your clients and other stakeholders to seamlessly enter HeyOrca to review and approve the specific content you share with them.


1) Add a Stakeholder to your team on the Team Settings page (this provides them with access to shared content without needing any login information)

HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 1

2) Share content with a Stakeholder via the shareable link

HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 2

You can select as many posts as you like (by clicking the checkbox at the top left of each post) or select all posts in a given campaign to share with your client or stakeholder.

Whether you choose to copy and paste the generated link shown in step 2 or email the link through the app by selecting a team member or stakeholder, the link will bring them to a client-friendly version of HeyOrca allowing them to review content that you’ve shared with them:

HeyOrca - Involving Clients & Stakeholders 3

Pro tip:
To see what your stakeholder will see, open the shareable link in an incognito window.

6. Text Media Files to Your HeyOrca Library

With media being such a crucial part of creating effective campaigns, it is more important than ever to have a great and useful visual library. HeyOrca has made this easy with the latest development of integrating an MMS feature. This new feature allows you to text media files to your HeyOrca library.

A number will be generated for your own library to allow easy messaging for you, your clients and representatives you may have in the field. Makes client management much easier by providing your clients with the generated number, they can text media files directly into your library and even provide useful image tags through use of hashtags.

You can create an organized and extensive library of images to use with absolutely minimal effort.

Being able to receive live updates from representatives in the field allows for easy online promoting for events, publishing timely campaigns and creating a log of varied images for future use.

This feature is also useful for working directly with your clients. For example, having a store manager able to sync images from their phone directly to your library is an easy way to see and promote new stock arrivals, new merchandising and in-store events.

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