We know managing multiple client calendars is no small feat. Especially when it comes to making sure your client’s content is scheduled at the right time.

Take the stress out of coordinating importants dates with your team with our new Recurring Event Strips! 🎉

Here are three reasons how this helpful new feature will help you and your team stay on track!

1. Visualize Weekly Theme Days

Every good marketer knows that the key to great engagement is brand consistency. Staying consistent on social channels will allow users to keep returning to your content.

Weekly themes days such as Motivation Mondays or Fun Food Fridays are great, effortless content that keeps your social calendar operating like a well-oiled machine!

Easily set themed days in your HeyOrca calendar and include all relevant information in the event description including relevant hashtags and marketing strategies.

Set your post to repeat and let us take care of the rest!

2. Never Miss a Holiday!

Keeping your content consistent is equally important over holidays as it is on business days. Think users won’t be checking social media on holidays? According to LinkedIn, members do a large share of their research on weeknights and weekends (73% and 51% respectively).

Users will still be checking media over the holidays so making sure you’re content is planned out ahead of time will allow for a stress-free holiday break!

Set important holidays to repeat year after year so you and your team are always prepared to schedule out content.

3. Set Monthly Deadlines

Deadlines are a huge reality of the agency life. Social media is a 24/7 machine so making sure your client’s post go out in a timely matter is crucial.

Setting monthly deadlines with our events strips is easy! Create a new event and include all relevant details in the description box. If you know you need to share content with a client at the end of the month, set an event reminder so your entire team can stay on track!


Recurring events strips are another great tool to help automate your process so you and your team can get back to what matters!

Create Recurring Events in HeyOrca!

Heres how to add your recurring events:

Step 1: On your calendar view, click New Event:

Then you will see a new field where you can fill in the details of your event.

Step 2: Fill in the details of your event.

Type in the name of your new event, as well as change the color by clicking on the color box. 🎨

Step 3: Select your date range.

🗓Choose the start and end time for your event from a calendar view.

Step 4: Choose your events frequency

Click on the Repeat drop down menu to choose how often youd like to reuse the event. This could be as frequent as every day or once a year!

Step 5: Add a description

Add the details of the event, notes, dates, or anything you would like here!

Step 6: Create your event!

Click Create and check out your event on the calendar! ✨✨✨

Changing the date
Need to reschedule your event? Simply drag and drop it on the new start day.


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