Social Media Planning

Editorial Calendar

HeyOrca’s visual, collaboration-friendly content calendar clearly displays content approval stages, events, comments, and audit trails. You can easily share this calendar with your clients, too.

The calendar view makes it incredibly easy to view social posts from a high-level. It’s become a crucial part of our content planning and social strategy and has helped to streamline our process.

Courtney Sweeney

Social Media Manager, Meraki.Social

Visualize posts: Once you create a new post, HeyOrca will automatically render it exactly the way it will look once it’s published. This way your team and your clients can always be on the same page.

Views: View and plan your content calendar using day and month views. Click on posts to see detailed mock-ups of what the scheduled content will look like on each channel.

Campaigns: Group content into high-level strategic campaigns so you can differentiate this content from granular and specific tagged posts.

Event strips: Mark up your calendar with event strips. Share events and campaign information internally with your team or externally with your client.

Demo channels: Use HeyOrca’s content mockup and content approval features to plan and view unsupported channel content (i.e. Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr, etc.). Unsupported channel content will not be published, but will be visible on your content calendar.

Content Planning

Plan, create, and view all of your social content in HeyOrca’s calendar so your entire team and your clients can have a robust understanding of your marketing strategy.

Great company, amazing customer service, awesome product. Being able to copy and schedule across platforms changes productivity ten-fold.

Danielle Gaebel

Co-Founder & Lifestyle Blogger, Natural Contents

Comments/@mentions: collaborate directly on specific posts with the commenting feature. Keep your comments for internal eyes only, or involve your clients. Plus the @mention feature is great for notifying team members when you need their attention right away.

Editorial tags: Tag social media posts to organize, search, and manage content in your calendar and content library. Make it easy to locate and share paid media, social channels, approvals, and events with your team and your client.

Label content: Easily visualize the posts you are planning on boosting or advertising on their respective social channels so you can help your team and clients understand your paid marketing strategy.

Advanced copy: Copy calendar schedules across teams without having to recreate them for each client. Copy calendar schedule templates and content drafts in their approval stages and paste them in different client teams.

Bulk actions: Plan and schedule up to 200 posts at a time. Set time, date, and repetition parameters on hundreds of posts at once; effortlessly copy posts from one social media channel to another; and build out and gain client approval for schedule templates.

Direct Publishing

Our social media posting tool is designed for social media virtuosos. HeyOrca will automatically publish scheduled content to supported networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram* and Twitter).

It’s easy for our team to see all posts and what needs to be done and it’s great for presenting to clients, easily getting their approval and feedback on individual posts, and automatically publishing to platforms.

Lydia Tissandier

Assistant Art Director, OOHology

Facebook: Publish directly to Facebook groups to interact with followers and increase engagement.

Twitter: Keep your audience engaged with quick, easy to digest updates, published directly from HeyOrca.

LinkedIn business and personal profiles: HeyOrca users can post to personal and business LinkedIn profiles. Help your clients improve their social presence and thought leadership with HeyOrca.

Instagram: Account administrators receive an email or mobile app alert minutes before Instagram content is scheduled to post. The email contains the Instagram content. The media and text is downloaded and copied to your clipboard for simple Instagram publishing.

Page tagging: Users can mention businesses and pages on supported channels to improve audience engagement.

Social Analytics

HeyOrca’s analytics help you easily understand your social media performance and show off your success to your clients.

View analytics essentials: View all of your clients’ individual social engagement breakdowns, top ten posts, and page growth trends using our visual analytics tool.

Export PDFs: HeyOrca makes client communication easy. Save, export, and share your clients’ social media reports, which are complete with charts, graphs, and numbers.

Multi-channel analytics: Use HeyOrca analytics to track content for all of your social media channels, including content that you publish outside of the app.

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