Empower Your Social Media Team with Facebook Post Promotions by HeyOrca 💪

Easily promote Facebook Posts from the same calendar tool you use to manage your organic posts.

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Save Time & Amplify Your Reach with Facebook Post Promotions

Visually Plan, Create, & Schedule Promoted Posts
Quickly create and schedule organic and paid posts for Facebook, and see exactly how they will appear on desktop and mobile devices.
Publish Paid Facebook Posts Directly from HeyOrca
With a few simple clicks, you can instantly promote your scheduled organic posts, create new ones from scratch, or promote previously published posts. All from HeyOrca!
Get Approvals on Promoted Posts
Like everything else in HeyOrca, you can easily share your scheduled Facebook post promotions for feedback and client approvals. 
The BEST social media calendar for social planning…ever!
HeyOrca’s calendar is amazing for planning, I love the design and functionality. It has quickly become *the* tool I simply cannot live without! However, I have to say my absolute *favorite* thing about HeyOrca is their amazing, Friendly, magical team! The people behind this brand make it wonderful!”
Laura Kilpatrick

Art Director & Social Media Manager, Fearworm Hauntvertising

Facebook Post Promotion features your agency will 💙

Fast and Simple Post Promotions
All it takes is a few seconds to select your promoted post’s campaign, audience, and budget. HeyOrca will automatically populate minimum daily spends required based on your campaign objective.
*HeyOrca currently supports reach, engagement, traffic, link clicks, page likes, and awareness objectives
Create New Facebook Ad Campaigns from HeyOrca
Want to create a new campaign from scratch? Simply enter the campaign name and choose your objective! Your campaign is ready to go.
Run “Dark Posts” on Facebook
You can choose to publish your Promoted Post on your Facebook page, or publish it as a Dark Post that will only appear on newsfeeds.
See Promoted Posts at a Glance
You and your clients can quickly see which Facebook posts have been promoted in your calendar view with Facebook Post Promotion tags.
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Really appreciate that HeyOrca aims to help with all aspects of social media management. From planning and concepts to social media scheduling and publishing. They work with most platforms and continually work to make the tool even better.
Taralyn Kerr

Social Media Marketing Specialist, Matchstick

10,000+ social media managers around the world rely on HeyOrca to save time and build client trust

Features Included in
Every Social Media Calendar

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Planning & Scheduling
Plan, schedule, and publish posts directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, & Pinterest
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Link your colleagues & clients to any of the content you're working on. They can provide feedback directly on the posts.
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Client Approvals
Clients can approve or reject posts directly in HeyOrca. Posts will only go out after approval(s) have been granted.
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Report on your social media results with visual dashboards that your clients will understand and love!
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World-Class Support
Our support team will respond to you in 5 mins or less with any questions you may have. Don't forget to book your free 1-on-1 training!

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