New elements and features being added to a platform are great but they can start to get a little cluttered. Posts, Events, Insights, Messages… It’s easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the backend of your Facebook Page. Not to mention getting distracted by notifications from the other elements of your Facebook account.


Facebook has a solution that allows you to do the things you need (and enables you to do even more) while keeping the experience clean and simple.


Creator Studio brings together all the tools you need to effectively post, manage, monetize and measure content across all of your Pages and Instagram accounts. It also helps you take advantage of new features and monetization opportunities you may be eligible for. It does this using a simple interface that shows you all of the stuff you need with none of the stuff you don’t.


To access Creator Studio, visit or go to your Facebook Page, go to “Publishing Tools” and under “Tools” click on “Creator Studio.”




When you access Creator Studio, you first see the Home tab, and it’s pretty straightforward. It gives you a timeline of any page that you manage and allows you to post to them. You can also get a brief summary of page stats, posts, and monetization (if applicable).


Home page of Facebook Creator Studio


It’s noteworthy that the pages you manage as an individual and any that you manage as a business (via Business Manager) are kept separate and can be easily switched between.


It’s from here that you’ll navigate to the different areas of Creator Studio:


  • Home
  • Content Library
  • Insights
  • Inbox
  • Monetization
  • Rights Manager
  • Sound Collection
  • Pages


Content Library


The Content Library tab gives you an overview of all video, photo, link, and text posts from your Facebook Pages. You can see all posts for all pages or filter to see posts from only the Page(s) you want. You can also see insights from and take actions on individual posts, which includes editing, boosting, or deleting them.


Content Library section of Facebook Creator Studio


Tabs break down posts into the following types:


  • All Posts
  • All Published
  • Scheduled
  • Drafts
  • Expired
  • Expiring


Columns deliver the following info about each post:


  • Post
  • Post Status
  • Date Created
  • Header
  • Details
  • 3s Video Views
  • Header
  • Engagement


Facebook Creator Studio functions for creating posts, uploading videos, and posting across multiple pages


You can create posts in Creator Studio using the + button on almost every page. You can also bulk upload multiple videos at once, cross-post content to multiple Pages and schedule, backdate, or save posts as drafts.




Insights and data are often the most useful (and most interesting) part of our digital marketing efforts. The Insights section is just as informative as you’d expect from Facebook and just as clean & simple as you’d expect from the rest of Creator Studio. See how your content is performing, get metrics on your estimated earnings, and discover advanced insights about your audiences.


Insights section of Facebook Creator Studio


The Insights section gives you an overall look at your Page stats and post engagement but if you want to do a deep dive into one particular post, you can do that back in Content Library. To access these post details, either click anywhere on a post as it appears in the list or check the box next to the post and click View post insights.


Viewing metrics for a single Facebook post


The Insights tab includes the following sections:


  • Performance: Get metrics on the performance of your videos, shared videos, and the videos you cross-post across all of your Facebook Pages.
  • Loyalty: Track when you gain new followers, how often they’re watching, and when people are returning to watch most often.
  • Earnings: See earnings insights from your ad breaks videos or fan subscriptions.


The Loyalty view sheds light on your followers’ activity and demonstrates how many were returning viewers and for how long people watched your videos. It’s useful to know when your audience is coming back, what they’re coming back for, and what new audiences you’re reaching with a particular post.




Inbox is a catch-all for active engagement; comments and direct messages. You can see all messages from a page or filter them by Unread, Follow Up, Done, and Spam.


Facebook Creator Studio inbox for comments on posts and direct messages (active engagement)




You can organize your inbox into different categories and take action on specific threads by selecting a message and clicking:



This is a handy feature that helps you ensure that you’re staying on top of communication with your fans, followers, and customers. Only seeing unread messages means that none should slip through the cracks and marking messages for follow-up means that you can easily get back to the people who need additional information or assistance.


This is great for delivering customer service but Inbox can also be used to respond to Instagram comments. If you’re a brand with a big following, this would enable you to stay on top of all of your engagement, which can sometimes be a challenge in the mobile app.




You can monetize your page by allowing ads to display before, after, or around your content. Depending on the platform, the rules for monetization can be pretty confusing but Creator Studio makes it simple.


Monetization section of Facebook Creator Studio - manage and check elegibility for monetizing your pages


This page makes it very clear whether you’re eligible for monetization and why or why not. They also provide other resources and tips to help you achieve or maintain monetization:




  • Stay up to date with our Content Guidelines and Community Standards.
  • Share authentic content.
  • Develop an established presence and create an active and consistent experience for your viewers.




  • Post content you did not create or that you do not own or have rights to use.
  • Post content that could be considered misinformation or false news or promote clickbait or sensationalism.
  • Engage in sharing behaviors that prioritize distribution over quality.


Creator Studio also provides you with the ability to add ad breaks to your videos. You can allow Facebook to choose placement for the ads automatically or you can choose the placement for the ads yourself. Here’s what they recommend for each:


Automatic placements:


  • Facebook’s automatic placement feature is on by default, meaning ad breaks will be added to your videos automatically. The automatic placements feature can find the best natural cue point for an ad break in your content while trying to maximize your earnings.
  • The automatic placement feature works best if your video is structured to accommodate an ad break.


Choose placements:


  • You can add cue points in your videos to signify where you’d like ad breaks to be placed.
  • You can start placing cues after the 60-second mark of your video.
  • You must leave at least 120 seconds between each cue point.
  • Facebook may not be able to fill every cue point you suggest.
  • Viewers will see ads at different points in your video depending on the last time they saw one.


Rights Manager


From the Rights Manager tab, you can protect your copyrighted Facebook and Instagram content at scale by detecting audio and video content matching yours. You can upload reference files that are analyzed and used to compare to other content to detect potential matches.


Rights Manager section of Facebook Creator Studio - detect and dispute cases of copyright infringement


The ability to police Facebook for stolen content has existed for a while but it was convoluted. You used to have to implement the API of third-party software but Facebook has now partnered with proven industry leaders to integrate these features right into Creator Studio.


Sound Collection


Creator Studio has given us the ability to create posts, monetize them, measure how well they’re received, and protect them from unauthorized use. It seems only natural that they’d also give you access to elements that you can use to create content. The Sound Collection section gives you access to free, legal music and sound effects that you can use in your videos.


Facebook Creator Studio Sound Collection - free music and sound effects


Instagram Creator Studio


Instagram in Creator Studio is available to anyone with an Instagram Business Profile or Creator account. The Instagram section in Creator Studio lets you manage all of your Instagram posts and get insights from a computer.


Manage posts


  • Access all your video, photo, carousel, stories, and IGTV content.
  • See how your posts are performing to learn what’s working and what’s not.
  • Search for content to easily find it and use filters to quickly organize it.


Explore insights


  • Understand who your followers are and when they’re most active.
  • See what actions people take when they engage with your content
  • Discover the reach and total impressions of your content.








Overall, Creator Studio is a valuable tool for any Facebook page. It allows you to track and manage content performance, even across different pages. It provides insights on how your audience interacts with your content and facilitates interaction with fans. Creator Studio reflects the significance video has for Facebook and can become a hub for content management and measurement. It does it all using a simple and pleasing interface that prevents distraction or clutter from all of the different elements of Facebook.


You’ll notice that none of these features or options are unique to Creator Studio and can be accessed elsewhere on Facebook. What Creator Studio has to offer is simplicity and ease of use. Facebook can be distracting and can be a cluttered environment. CS strips those things away and allows you to focus on just your Pages.



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