Client Onboarding Checklist for Agencies

The following client onboarding checklist for agencies is not one size fits all. Please use this document as a baseline for creating your own unique checklist and tailor where necessary to meet the specific needs of your agency.

This process begins as soon as the sales cycle is over and the client has signed the contract.

Immediately after sales cycle concludes

1. Add Client to CRM
2. Send Welcome Package
Items in an agency welcome package can include (but are not limited to):

  • A custom letter of introduction, tailored to your client
  • Promotional items with your logo
  • Diagram of team members and their roles on the account
  • A copy of contract
  • Non-disclosure agreement

3. Team lead call to primary client contact:

  • Introduce yourself and get to know the primary client contact
  • Reaffirm client expectations of agency and vice-versa
  • Outline kickoff meeting agenda

4. Send New Client Questionnaire
Sending a questionnaire is a great way to fill in the gaps in your understanding of the customer and how you can help them achieve their goals. If the client has multiple stakeholders, ensure they all fill out the questionnaire separately.

Questions may include:

  • Rate and define your goals: loyalty, awareness, lead generation etc.
  • What tools and platforms do you use in your marketing?
  • Define the portrait of your ideal customer?
  • What ROI have you seen from your current or past marketing efforts?
  • How much of your current sales/customer acquisition is online?
  • What does your sales journey look like? Where might consumers typically drop off?

5. Request client account logins
6. Schedule any training client needs to know for tools you use

Kickoff Preparation:

1. Internal team meeting

  • Brief entire team on response(s) to client questionnaire and client background
  • Ensure account roles and responsibilities are clear
  • Brainstorm strategies to bring to the table at meeting
  • Prepare presentations or documents for the kickoff: Strategy, timelines etc.
  • Ensure you have a kickoff meeting plan in place (who speaks when, who will speak to what etc.)

2. Email in-depth kickoff meeting agenda


1. Kickoff meeting with client

  • Your kickoff meeting should occur approximately one-week after the signing date.
  • Introductions between agency team and client team (10min)
  • Clients current marketing and competitive analysis (15min)
  • Set SMART goals (10min)
  • Present tactical ideas (15min)
  • Discuss challenges (5min)
  • Discuss team roles and timelines (5min)
  • Wrap-up: communication schedule and reporting frequency


Post Kickoff:

1. Send handwritten thank you notes or thank you emails
2. Add meeting notes and any additional contacts to CRM
3. Develop full client marketing plan with SMART goals, tactics, & timelines

Planning and execution follow up:

1. One-week after kickoff:
Meeting between team lead and client stakeholders (in person or conference call)

  • Present full marketing plan to client
  • Reiterate commitment and excitement to work together
  • Follow up on any information requested by clients and vice-versa

2. Five-weeks after kickoff:

  • Send first-month project updates and status to account contact
  • Send a follow-up onboarding and satisfaction survey
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