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COVID-19 Webinars

Watch our webinars below as we chat with top agency experts to help you navigate your agency during this difficult time.

How to manage your agency and clients during COVID-19 

In this webinar Agency Advisor, Karl Sakas provides actionable tips on how to manage your agency during COVID-19. While Jenny Karn, from remote agency Beutler Ink, shares their guidelines on how to work effectively from home.

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Creating a Communication Crisis Plan for Your Clients

Join Communications Crisis Expert, Jessica Audsley from Rock Social, as she guides you through the dos and don’ts for communicating for your business or client during COVID-19 and how to put together a Communications Crisis Plan.

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10 Ways Your Agency Can Provide Value During COVID-19

Agency Coach, Lee Goff, shares his tips on how you can continue to provide value to your clients in the midst of a pandemic.

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How to take care of yourself, your team and clients during COVID-19

Agencies can practice self-care too! Join this webinar where Robby Berthume, from Bull and Beard and Agency Match, walks you through helpful tips on how to take care of yourself, your team and your clients during these stressful times.

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Learning to Sell Remotely During COVID-19

In this webinar, Remote Sales Specialist, Andrew Burnett from Beutler Ink, shares his tips and best practices on how to effectively sell while working from home. 

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Key Business and Legal Issues to Consider in Light of COVID-19

Watch our webinar where Intellectual Property and Marketing Law Attorney, Sharon Toerek, to answer all your questions regarding legal matters in light of COVID-19.

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How to Nurture Future Prospects During COVID-19

Check out our Live Q&A with Agency Owner, Krystal Hobbs, as she provides actionable advice on how to keep you future leads engage even when it’s not the right time to sell!

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COVID-19 Agency Resources

Check out our resources from top agency experts on for managing your agency during COVID-19 🙏

How to manage your agency and clients during COVID-19 

In this short slide deck, we go through key considerations of running your agency and managing your clients during this unusual time

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Crisis Communication Template

Jessica Audsley, an agency owner from Rock Social created this crisis communication plan template that you can follow.

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Social Media Plan Template 

How should brands communicate during COVID19? This social media plan template will guide you during this time

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10 Mental Health Reminders for Coping with COVID-19 

Taking care of yourself first is important before you can take care of your team and clients. Check out these mental health reminders from agency owner, Robby Berthume of Bull & Beard and Agency Match.

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Sakas & Company COVID-19 Resource Center

Helpful advice and resources from Agency Advisor, Karl Sakas, on how to handle this pandemic as an agency.

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AMI’s Survival Tools

Hear from the experts! Read the Agency Management Institute’s survival tools below that all agencies need to survive during COVID-19. 

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How to Navigate Staff Reduction in Your Agency

Watch this webinar below from David C. Baker on managing cuts to your staff during a crisis. 

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Remote Workforce Template Kit

Everything you need to know about tranistioning to remote in one helpful kit put together by Marketing Law Adivsor, Sharon Toerek. 

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The Beutler Ink Guide to Remote Sales

Remote sales can be daunting for any company – especially in the midst of a pandemic. Hear from the pros at remote agency, Beutler Ink, on the best practices for effective sales from home!

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Instagram for Business COVID-19 Playbook

Read the official guide from Instagram on how to respond to COVID-19 using IG. Download the guide below to get tips on how brands can respond to a crisis on the app.

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Social Media Agency Webinars and Guides

Level up your knowledge with free resources tailor made for you!

Google My Business 101

In this workshop, we will go through the fundamentals of Google My Business, who it is for and how you can use it for your clients’ business presence.

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2020 Social Media Trends 

In this webinar, Social Media expert Matt Navarra shares his take on the hottest social media trends that every marketer should know. 

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Facebook Ads 2

In this 2nd Facebook Ad Crash Course, Krystal Hobbs from Reflective Marketing shares the fundamentals and best practices of Facebook ads 

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Facebook Ads 1

In this worksop, Krystal Hobbs goes through everything that you need to know to structure a winning Facebook Ad Campaign

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The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Digital Agencies

“In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore defines a market as a group of individuals who can reference each other. Put another way, for every market there is a social media community waiting to be born.”

Client Onboarding Checklist for Agencies

Earn your client’s trust right from the start line with this client onboarding checklist guide for agencies created in collaboration with agency pros.

Google My Business Ebook

Looking to start Google My Business for your clients but not sure where to begin 🤷‍♀️ Download our latest Agency Ebook all about how to optimize for Google My Business 🎉

LinkedIn Agency Playbook

Learn how to achieve real business outcomes through LinkedIn. Download our latest Agency Ebook all about how to optimize for personal and business 🎉

Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories

Your Ultimate Guide to Instagram Stories is here! Check out our guide on how to storyboard your IG stories into creative, engaing content! 🤩

Facebook Analytics Template for Agencies

Just fill in your weekly post information, engagement and follower metrics, and voila! A clean looking report will be generated that makes the impact of your social media work easy to see. Filling out your report is as easy as apple pie.

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