Navigating Through Your HeyOrca Calendar

Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step written instructions on how to access various key features in your HeyOrca Calendar.

HeyOrca Dashboard

When you log into your account, you will be brought to the HeyOrca Dashboard, where you can access all of your Calendars in one place. This also allows you to view the brands that you manage and get a quick glance at the content coming up in your Calendar.

Each of your Calendars are separated into tiles in your Dashboard. From the Dashboard, you can quickly access a Calendar’s settings and see a summary of the posts you’ve scheduled and their approval stages for the month.

  • The grey number represents how many posts you have in the draft approval stage
  • The yellow number shows how many posts are awaiting approval
  • The green number indicates how many posts have been approved
  • The red number represents how many posts require revisions


Calendar Basics

When you click into your Calendar, you’ll see the default monthly Calendar view. Which will display all the posts you’ve got scheduled in the current month.

Posts are color coordinated to match the social media platform’s branding, so that you can know what platforms your posts are being scheduled to at a glance.

You can hover over each post in the Month View to see a preview of its content or click into the post to edit it. When you click into a post, you can use the navigation arrows on the left and right of your post preview in order to switch between posts quickly and easily.

Your Calendar has two primary viewing options:

  • Month View (default)
  • Day View

There’s also a third view built specifically for Instagram – Instagram Grid View. You can use this to preview and customize how scheduled Instagram posts will appear on your account’s Grid. We’ll cover this in more detail in another our Instagram Grid Preview training tutorial.

Month View

The Month View displays a visual calendar of all the social media posts that have been scheduled this month.

By default, Month View will display the current month’s calendar, but you can use the navigation bar at the top of the page to see different months.

Day View

The Day View in HeyOrca gives you a scrollable summary of all posts scheduled in your calendar on any given day. Day View allows you to make edits to your content without having to click into individual posts. Allowing you to make quick edits on the go.

By default, Day View will show you posts scheduled on today’s date. However, you can use the navigation arrows at the top of the page or scroll down to view posts scheduled on different dates.


Have questions about this tutorial or anything else in HeyOrca? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can connect with us by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right of your HeyOrca account.

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