Managing Your Calendar Settings

Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step written instructions on how to manage your Calendar settings in HeyOrca.

How to Access Calendar Settings

The Calendar Settings section is where everything in regards to your calendar is managed, such as Users, Social Accounts, posting times, and reminders.

To access your calendar settings, click on the gear icon on the grey navigation bar from your Calendar.

You can also access the Calendar settings section by clicking the gear icon on your Calendar tile from your Dashboard.

By default, you’ll be taken to the Social Accounts Tab

Social Accounts Settings

The Social accounts tab is where you can manage your social channels. You can add new social channels, edit the publishing status of existing channels, change their color on the calendar, and assign notification receivers for Instagram content.

You can add new social accounts by clicking on the various account type buttons listed in this section.

Each social account will be listed separately, and will display their social media platform logo to differentiate your connection. Click the Trash Can icon to delete the social account. This is a permanent action, and this will delete all of the posts associated with that account, so make sure to double check before deleting.

Each social account has a palette located below their logo. You can change the color of your social account so that it will display on the Calendar. This is especially helpful if you manage multiple of the same type of social account connection so that you can differentiate between them on your Calendar.

You can change the publishing status of your channels that are set to directly publish your content. If the drop down menu is set to “Direct Publishing” that means that publishing is enabled for your account. If you’d like to disable publishing, click the drop down menu and select “disable publishing”.

You can also assign a notification receiver here for your Instagram page when you need to post Multi Image or Story content. Simply click the drop down menu to select what member of your team will receive those notifications. You can also change how you receive your Instagram notifications by clicking the Publishing Status drop down menu. We’ll cover this in more detail in our Instagram app tutorial.

User Settings

The Internal users section is where you can add anyone that is internal to your agency or organization.

The External users section is where you can add anyone that is outside your organization, such as stakeholders or clients.

We’ll cover the different user roles and how to add them in our tutorial on Adding users to HeyOrca.

Posting Time Settings 

You’ll be able to access your Default Posting Times and Best Times to Post under the “Posting Times” tab in your settings.

Make sure to check out our tutorial on setting up your posting times to save you time when creating posts, as well as to gain valuable insights in our Best Times to Post feature.

Approval Reminder Settings

The Approval Reminders section allows you to set up email reminders for members of your Calendar for posts that are in the “Awaiting approval” stage and are getting close to their publishing time.

You can set your reminder cadence to 24 hours, 3 day or 7 days before the publishing time set on your posts, so that the members selected here will be reminded when there is content that needs attention on your Calendar.

Leaving a Calendar

If you are not working on a Calendar anymore, you have the option to leave the Calendar by clicking on the “Leave Calendar” tab.

If you do decide to leave a Calendar, you will need to request access to it again if you wish to rejoin it.

Deleting a Calendar

Calendar owners have the ability to permanently delete a Calendar.

Simply click the “Delete Calendar” tab in your settings, and re-type the Calendar’s name for confirmation when deleting.

This is a permanent action, so make sure to double check and confirm that you wish to permanently delete the entire Calendar and its contents.


Have questions about this tutorial or anything else in HeyOrca? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can connect with us by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right of your HeyOrca account.

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