Content and Media Library Overview

Below you’ll find a video and written overview of the Content Library and Media Library features in HeyOrca.

HeyOrca Library Overview

The HeyOrca Library is where you can easily manage all your media assets, as well as manage your Content Library of reusable, evergreen social media posts. In this tutorial, we’ll take a high-level look at the Media Library and Content Library features.

To access the HeyOrca Library, click the “Library” button found in the grey navigation bar of your Calendar.

By default, you’ll be taken to the HeyOrca Media Library.

HeyOrca Media Library

Here’s where you can access and edit your image and video assets, and add new media to your Calendar.

You can also access HeyOrca’s edit images directly from your Media Library using the HeyOrca photo editor.

The HeyOrca Media Library also includes a “used” tag feature that lets you know when media has been used on posts within your Calendar or Content Library.

You can also use the search function, by clicking on the magnifying glass icon located at the top right of your screen, to locate specific assets in your Media Library.

We’ll cover these features in depth in our Media Library tutorial.

HeyOrca Content Library

To access your Calendar’s Content Library, simply click the “Content Library” button located at the top right of your Media Library Page.

The HeyOrca Content Library is a space where you can create, organize, label, and get approvals on social media posts, without assigning them to a date or time to be published. This is a great feature for planning content far into the future.

You can also copy them to the Calendar for scheduling, or copy a post back to the content library if you’d like to use them later as evergreen social posts.

The social account and approval stage applied to a post will remain if copied from the Calendar to the Content Library

We’ll cover these features in depth in our  Content Library tutorial.


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