How to Use the HeyOrca Mobile App to Schedule Instagram Posts

Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step written instructions on how to use the HeyOrca Mobile App to schedule multi-image and Story posts to Instagram.

Scheduling Instagram Stories and Multi-Image Posts

In HeyOrca, you can schedule and publish single image and single video posts directly to Instagram. Due to Instagram’s API restrictions, you cannot currently use a third-party tool like HeyOrca to schedule multi-image posts or stories. This is where the HeyOrca Mobile App comes in.

You can use all of HeyOrca’s powerful features to create, schedule, and collaborate on multi-image Instagram posts and Stories then use the Mobile App to copy the content directly to your Instagram account.

If you have a scheduled post coming up in your Calendar, HeyOrca will send a push notification to your phone 5 minutes before its scheduled publishing time with all the assets you created. Making it fast and easy to copy your content from the calendar to your Instagram app and avoid having to re-create the post from scratch. The app will automatically upload your media assets to your phone and copy your post content to your clipboard. All you have to do is create a new post or story, select your media from the gallery, and paste your content.

If you prefer, you can opt into the same functionality through email notifications, or get notified through both channels!

Setting Up the Mobile App

Download the HeyOrca app to your mobile device from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Once downloaded, you should be able to login to your HeyOrca account through the login screen.

You will need to set up mobile notifications in HeyOrca in order to see your content in the mobile app. In order to do this, head over to your calendar settings section by clicking the gear icon on the grey navigation bar.

Scroll down to your Instagram social account connection. You will be able to see a drop down menu under the “Notification receiver” section. This will allow you to assign a team member to be notified of upcoming Instagram content and view that content on the app. Select their email, and the settings will save in this section.

You can also change the delivery method of the notification. You can set this to email, mobile, or both to receive both types of notifications prior to the publishing time.

Mobile notifications are sent to the mobile device that has the HeyOrca App downloaded.

Publishing Posts with the Mobile App

Now that you’ve set up this feature, here’s how you can use it to publish your posts:

Open the HeyOrca app, and log into the correct Instagram account that is assigned as the notification receiver. If you log into a different account,you won’t be able to see any of the Instagram content on your device.

Your content should now appear for today’s date. If you’d like to view content scheduled on a different date, change the date of the content being shown by tapping the Calendar icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Select “Download” on the post that you’d like to publish! This will save a copy of the media attached to your camera roll, as well as copy the text content of your post to your device’s clipboard.

Tap “Ok” once you receive the message that your content has been copied, and this should prompt the Instagram app to open, where you can create a new post and fill in your copied content from your camera roll and clipboard in seconds. Simply hit publish once you’ve entered your content and you’re good to go!


Have questions about this tutorial or anything else in HeyOrca? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can connect with us by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right of your HeyOrca account.

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