Post Editor Options in HeyOrca

Below you’ll find a video tutorial and step-by-step written instructions on how to use the various Post Editor options available to you in HeyOrca.

How to Use HeyOrca’s Post Editing Features

HeyOrca offers a variety of post editing options that are available to you when creating a new post or editing an existing post.

To explore these features, click on an existing post from your Calendar or start creating a new one.

Text Editor Options

The Text Editor does exactly what you would expect it to. You can add text, hashtags, and emojis to your text by clicking anywhere in the text portion of your post.

You can also tag social media handles by typing in the “@” symbol and account name that you’d like to tag.


Copying Posts

HeyOrca is designed to help you save time managing your social media accounts. The Copy Post feature does exactly that.

Located at the bottom left of your Post Editor, the Copy Post Button let’s you copy your current post to any of the other social media accounts connected to your Calendar.


  1. Click the Copy Post button
  2. Select the social networks you’d like to copy to
  3. Edit each post individually (optional)

Using the Canva Integration

You can use the HeyOrca Canva integration to create new Canva designs directly from your HeyOrca post, or pull one of your previously created Canva designs from your account.

To use this feature, click the “C” icon located at the bottom of your post editor.

We’ll take a closer look at how to use this feature in our Media Management Tutorial.

Adding Media to Your Post

You can add the following types of media to your post:

  • Images: Add images by clicking the Image icon
  • Video: Add images by clicking the Video icon
  • GIFs: Add GIFs by clicking the GIF icon 

Each of these options will take you to the HeyOrca Media Library where you can select previously uploaded content or upload new media using the “Upload Media” button.

Once an asset has been uploaded to your post, you can add additional media using the “+” button located below your graphic or remove it by hovering over its thumbnail and clicking the “Trash” icon.

Shortening Links

The post editor in HeyOrca lets you quickly tidy up or shorten links in your post with the “Shorten URL” feature. 

Clicking the Shorten URL button at the bottom of your editor will instantly convert your current link into a Bitly link to reduce the space your link takes up on your post.

This is especially useful for Twitter posts which have a 240 character limit.

Geo-Tagging (Facebook Only)

When editing or creating Facebook posts, the Target icon located at the bottom of your post editor lets you enable Geo-Tagging. 

You can use this feature to limit your Facebook posts to a specific geography.

Audit Trails

The Clock icon located at the bottom of your post editor allows you to access an Audit Trail for the active post. It features logs of every change made to a post, and shows you which member of your team made the changes.

Content Library

The Library icon located at the bottom right of your Post Editor allows you to copy your current post to your Content Library so that you can edit it later, or use it as part of your Evergreen Content plan.

We’ll take a closer look at creating Evergreen Content in our Content Library tutorial.

Post Categorization

On the right side of your Post Editor, you’ll see options to assign Post Tags and Campaigns to your content.

These options allow you to quickly filter your Calendar to apply bulk actions or share specific content with your team.

We’ll explore these options in depth in our Campaigns and Tagging tutorial.


Have questions about this tutorial or anything else in HeyOrca? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can connect with us by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right of your HeyOrca account.

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