Content Approvals

No more screenshots or image editors, just let clients preview upcoming content, and ensure they approve of what's being published before it goes live.

Client approvals

Client approvals just got easier. Share single, multiple, or an entire content calendar’s worth of read-only social media post mockups with your client using our short link feature.

The product allows us to easily handle approval flows for social media posts and to schedule them out for the far future. We save an incredible amount of time each day with this product.

Matthew Irvine

Director of Digital Media Services, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor

Content permissions: Your marketing team can control how much content your client sees in their social media calendar. You can also control client editing permissions.

Approval stages: Send clients a link to content in the “awaiting approval” stage. They can click “approve” or “reject” on each social media post. Approved posts will only be published at the scheduled date and time, chosen by your team.

Shareable link: Share specific content in the “awaiting approval” stage with your client. Select content posts, hit “share,” and copy-paste the shareable link to your client’s preferred communication platform.

Multi-approvals: Some approval processes require multiple team members’ or clients’ approval (internally or externally). Set multi-approvals to ensure that all necessary approvals are captured before a post is published.

Version control: Stop worrying about which is the right file to work on. With HeyOrca you are always working on the most up-to-date version of your content.

Client experience

HeyOrca is built every bit for you as for your clients. Our planning and approval functions are built right into the tool, and our visualization features make it a joy for clients to use.

I love that I am able to see all my content calendars individually for each client and they are able to see how I am planning things out on their behalf.

Kenda Fields

Social Media Manager + Engagement Specialist, KEF & Co.

Client-friendly platform: Your clients dont need to sign up or sign in to approve or reject your content, write comments, or mention colleagues.

External comments: Clients can leave comments, questions, and concerns on each social post and mention your colleagues in order to get the answers they need.

Approval reminders: HeyOrca sends your clients optional automated approval reminders to help you ensure that all your content gets approved or rejected. Unapproved content is never published.

Optional universal link: Choose to give your client a full view of their content calendar. They can bookmark the universal link and view their content calendar any time. They may only approve or reject content in the “awaiting approval” stage.

Password protection available: HeyOrca’s shareable link feature can be password protected to provide your clients with extra security.

Team Collaboration

HeyOrca is the only collaboration hub for agencies. Streamline and optimize your internal and external content editing, approvals, and publishing tasks between colleagues and clients. Control which colleagues can publish and edit content for your clients’ social media channels.

My team loves HeyOrca because of the way it allows us to collaborate on content, without the needing to use spreadsheets, and shared documents. Managing these documents took up so much of our time before switching to HeyOrca.

Nicole Gosz

Owner , Rooted Marketing

User roles and permissions: Set colleague and client permissions and roles to control who can view comments, and produce, edit, and publish content. We offer stakeholder, administrator, and copywriter roles.

Real-time editing: Multiple team members can use HeyOrca on different client teams at once. Edit, schedule, post, comment, collaborate, and plan as a team.

Comments: Clients and colleagues can comment on any social media post. The internal comment section remains hidden from stakeholders while external comment section remains visible to everyone.

Mention collaborators: @Mention team members and clients in the comments section to instantly alert them if you have notes or questions.

Audit trails: This internal-facing feature helps you track your team’s work. Know when content posts were created, when changes were made, what media was added, and who worked on the content.

Managing multiple accounts

Organize client social media calendars by teams, and have as many teams as you want. Each client has their own calendar view, so you can schedule social media marketing content clearly and easily.

We manage social media profiles for over 100 accounts, and HeyOrca has significantly cut down on how much time we spend posting. Advance copy feature allows sharing across teams, and that’s so useful to us!

Lucy Hughes

Social Media Coordinator, Reunion Marketing

Unlimited storage: Store unlimited media assets directly in HeyOrca. Organize images, videos, and gifs in each client team’s media library.

Easy file uploads: Upload media from your mobile device, computer, or any one of the locations supported by Filestack (Google Drive, Dropbox, Flikr, GitHub, and more).

Text message media to library: Send images from any mobile device directly to your media library. HeyOrca will organize them by time, date, and hashtag for you. It’s easy to save images on the go, or during live events using HeyOrca.

Organize and label: Organize media assets in your client’s team using tags or descriptions. Searching for the perfect assets to accompany social posts just got easier!

Content library: Create your posts now, and schedule them for publishing later. Each client team has its own content library where you can store evergreen content or posts not ready to be scheduled yet.

Send assets for approval: Request content approval from your clients before scheduling content into the calendar. We make it easy for you to schedule months of approved content at once.

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