Imagine social media approvals without spreadsheets

HeyOrca is an online social media planner built for marketing agencies. Cut delays in client approvals and eliminate redundant tasks.

Why HeyOrca?

Keep your work organized in one place.

Assign each client their own content calendar and dedicated asset library. Sort your images, videos, and GIFs according to tags and themes. Get unlimited storage and integration with Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Simplify team collaboration, client management, and publishing with our visual planner. Learn more

Visualize each post and receive feedback.

Our client-side interface lets clients easily view and approve content – no login required. Plan more efficiently by providing context to your clients and receiving early feedback, all without the hassle of spreadsheets. Preview content as it will appear once published, and tie it to your overall strategy through a high-level calendar view and notes section. Learn more

Our clients are marketing agency professionals who are tired of using spreadsheets and other general-purpose tools.

How HeyOrca works

1. Accounts Organization

All your content and clients in one place. Bring your client calendars, content ideas, and assets under one roof. HeyOrca offers unlimited storage and separates assets by client to help you stay organized. Learn more

2. Content Planning

A visual drag-and-drop content calendar. Some social media tools are made to facilitate community management first, and planning second. We are a content planning and approvals tool, first and foremost. This comes through in our visual calendar. Learn more

3. Internal Collaboration

From content previews to version control. HeyOrca was developed to make internal collaboration easier. Every post you create has a comments section where you can collaborate with your team and ensure you are always working on the most current version. Learn more

4. Client Approvals

Share select content with clients at the click of a button. HeyOrca has built-in sharing and approvals features to help you collaborate with clients as easily as you collaborate internally, and our audit trail helps you stay on the same page with clients. Learn more

5. Direct Publishing

Eliminate duplication of efforts. HeyOrca publishes your content to specified social media networks once approvals have been obtained from your clients. No need to upload a spreadsheet to another social media tool for publishing. Learn more

6. Performance Analytics

Close the gap between planning and performance. HeyOrca has analytics integrations with all the major social media platforms. Our tool helps you visualize how well your campaigns are performing online, and allows you to export this data in PDF or raw data form. Learn more

Manage all content approvals and all clients with one tool.

Is HeyOrca Right for You?

HeyOrca is the ideal solution for marketing agencies that: work with clients who need to maintain high content standards, manage the social media presence for more than 10 clients, and have a content production workflow that spans more than three people. Imagine Media is a great example of a marketing agency that increased client satisfaction and streamlined internal communications with HeyOrca. Read more

Make content planning seamless and streamline your social media production workflow.

A Link That’s Worth a Thousand Spreadsheets

The Preview Link

The Preview Link

This is hands-down the most convenient way to share your plans with clients. Once you are finished creating your editorial calendar, simply pick the content you’d like your client to review, generate a short-link, and send it. With this link your client will be able to review, approve, and comment on each of the selected posts – no login needed.
Client Friendly view

Client-friendly View

It’s our job to make your working life easier, and your clients happy. This is the mantra behind our client-facing view. We help you deliver the type of client experience that keeps your clients engaged and crystal clear about the value you bring to their business.
Audit Trail

Audit Trail

Say goodbye to finger-pointing. Version control issues and fragmented feedback are a thing of the past. With HeyOrca, everyones feedback and activity is logged in a post-by-post audit trail. This simple process puts a stop to any future he-said-she-said arguments before they even start.

Curious about HeyOrca?

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