Couldn’t get approval to attend Social Media Week NYC this year?

Our team attended SMWNYC 2018 with the intention to suck up every bit of valuable information, distill it, and make it useful for all agencies sizes: enterprise, medium, and small agencies too. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Digital Agencies

“In Crossing the Chasm, Geoffrey Moore defines a market as a group of individuals who can reference each other. Put another way, for every market there is a social media community waiting to be born.”

Client Onboarding Checklist for Agencies

Earn your client’s trust right from the start line with this client onboarding checklist guide for agencies created in collaboration with agency pros.

Agency Analytics Stack

A hand-picked collection of the top marketing tools for agencies, broken down by Social Media, SEO/SEM Analytics, Website Analytics, and Data Visualization.

Facebook Analytics Template for Agencies

Just fill in your weekly post information, engagement and follower metrics, and voila! A clean looking report will be generated that makes the impact of your social media work easy to see. Filling out your report is as easy as apple pie.

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