Frequently Asked Questions 🤔

What makes HeyOrca different from other social media management platforms?

HeyOrca was designed for social media agencies who rely on collaboration & approvals to streamline their content development process.

Rather than use spreadsheets or lengthy email chains to share content, users can easily share posts within their team and with their clients so that everyone is on the same page! 🤝

Is HeyOrca only for agencies?

Nope! While HeyOrca was built with agencies in mind, we are also used by social media teams of all sizes that require collaboration and approval! 

How will my client access HeyOrca?

Depending on what role the client will have in collaborating on content, they can be assigned different roles. 

Most clients are assigned the role of External Stakeholder.  This role means that they do not need to login to HeyOrca, they receive minimal email notifications, they can approve/reject posts, and they can leave comments on posts. 

External Stakeholders can only see content that has been shared to them in a shareable link and are not able to see other client calendars. 

This means that you can limit them to only see content that is ready to be viewed and approved. 


What social networks does HeyOrca publish to?

HeyOrca publishes directly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

Can HeyOrca publish to Instagram?

There are a few ways to publish to Instagram using HeyOrca.  For single photo and single video posts, you can publish directly to your  Instagram Business page through HeyOrca.  For multi-photo, Reels, Stories, and personal Instagram pages, you can publish to Instagram using our mobile app or email notifications.  When you publish using the mobile app or email notifications, you get access to editing on Instagram, including filters and story features. 

*Note: Due to restrictions in Instagram’s API, social media tools like HeyOrca and our competitors, are unable to directly publish stories or multi-photo Instagram posts.  All platforms must use an alternative, such as a mobile app or email notifications to publish this type of content to Instagram.  This includes platforms that are Instagram/Facebook partners.

Does HeyOrca provide social media reports/analytics?

We do 📊 Currently we track: 

  • Number of posts published
  • Change in number of likes
  • Total Engagement
  • Change in number of comments
  • Changer in number of shares
  • Top Ten posts



Before your trial ends, you can upgrade at any time in HeyOrca.  If you have any questions about pricing or upgrading your account, please reach out to!

Can I schedule ads in HeyOrca?

We have released a feature to allow you to promote Facebook posts directly in HeyOrca 🎉  


What happens at the end of the 14-day trial?

If you decide not to move forward with a paid account, there is no charge and your account will be locked.  You can always come back and pick up where you left off by signing into your trial account and subscribing!

Before your trial ends, you can upgrade at any time in HeyOrca.  If you have any questions about pricing or upgrading your account, please reach out to!

What is a calendar and what does it include?

A calendar is a way of organizing the clients or brands that you manage.  You can easily collaborate on content for a client and see all their content on one calendar.  Each calendar comes with unlimited users and up to 10 social accounts.  Users include your team members and clients.  

How many social media accounts are included in HeyOrca?

Each calendar comes with up to 10 social media accounts.

How many users are included in HeyOrca?

Each calendar comes with unlimited users.


I have __ number of clients. How many HeyOrca calendars do I need?

Most users have 1 calendar per client that they manage.  That being said, you can schedule content for multiple clients in one calendar, however your clients may be able to see each others’ content.  If you need help figuring out how many calendars you will need, please reach out to

Before your trial ends, you can upgrade at any time in HeyOrca.  If you have any questions about pricing or upgrading your account, please reach out to!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes, and there’s no penalty. You can add or remove calendars at any time.  Reach out to to upgrade or downgrade your account.

Do I have to pay annually?

No, you can pay monthly.  However, if you pay annually you can get a discount of 15% off the entire year. 


What is your cancellation policy?

For companies that pay monthly, you must cancel before your next payment is due.  Monthly users are charged once a month of the same day of the month.

For companies that pay annually, you must cancel before your account is up for renewal.  Annual subscriptions are charged once a year.  Our Account Manager will reach out to you before your account is renewed for another year.

You can reach out to to cancel your subscription. 

World Class Software Served With Canadian Hospitality 🇨🇦 

We’re more than a software. We’re an extension of your agency

HeyOrca’s employees are the kindest I’ve ever worked with….they are always responding within 5 minutes and are genuinely excited to speak to you and help solve your problems!

Josh M

Social Media Manager, Artrageous Advertising

It really opened the door for more direct collaboration with our clients and empowered our team to build stronger relationships with them.

HeyOrca’s support team is unmatched – any questions or suggestions are addressed lightning fast!

Alicia Corner

Social Media Manager, Conversion Interactive Agency

HeyOrca is very easy to use. My interns picked it up quickly, which makes things very efficient for me.

Their help team is also VERY helpful.

I don’t think I’ve ever waited more than 3-5 minutes for a response.

Deven B

Digital Strategist

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