What’s New in Social

Instagram launches new Reels features

These features include 90-second Reels, templates and Stories-like interactive stickers.

Instagram launches in-app AMBER Alerts 

If you’re within the designated area of a missing child, the alert will now appear in your feed with this update. 

TikTok releases Playlists to users with 10,000+ followers

Playlists will allow Creators to organize their videos to make them easier for their followers to find and enjoy.

What Tunes are Trending?

Check out the hottest tracks that people are using on Instagram Reels and TikTok! Incorporating this audio will help your video reach. To grab links directly to these tunes, past trending audio, and ideas for these sounds, click here.

Check out our trending audio Spotify playlist here!

Trending Tunes for Reels & TikTok

Upcoming Workshop

HeyOrca Workshop: How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

If you’ve been thinking about starting a LinkedIn newsletter, this workshop is for you!

On June 9th, we will be going over:
✅ LinkedIn newsletters can be beneficial for your business

✅ How to set it up and

✅ Best practices.

By the time this 30-minute workshop is over, you’ll be a pro!

Hope to see you there! 😍

Register here.

In Other News

Instagram tests new option to expand profile pictures

Twitter is removing the TweetDeck app for Mac

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