When thinking of California wines it’s hard not to think of warmth and sunshine, which is in no small part thanks to Vintage Wine Estates (VWE). Located in Santa Rosa, VWE oversees selling the glamor and prestige of more than 30 wine brands across California and beyond.

While business was booming, their marketing department was struggling with a common problem faced by many teams that manage multiple brands on social:

Using a social media tool with no built-in content approval features!


VWE’s wines are organized into different tiers, “Luxury” and “Lifestyle,” arranged by price point and exclusivity. Digital marketing manager Chelsea Daughenbaugh both manages and writes social media for the Lifestyle brands group, which was no easy feat using Hootsuite:

“Our biggest challenge was sharing scheduled content for review. We work a bit like an agency here. My assistant writes social media posts that I have to approve, and then those posts plus any I write need to be approved by the Director of Marketing and Social Media. We also have staff at the wineries writing posts that need to be approved as well.”

Managing all of the content for approval and ensuring it got seen by the right people was overly complicated using emails, spreadsheets and Word docs. Sometimes content for review got completely lost in the shuffle.

They knew they needed a tool that was built for managing multiple brands and optimized for content review.


Enter HeyOrca.

VWE adopted HeyOrca back in 2016, and the marketing team was able to breathe a collective sigh of relief.

Rather than send emails and documents flying around like ping pong balls, all of the team’s drafting, scheduling, approvals are centralized in HeyOrca.

HeyOrca has no user limit, so it was a simple matter of giving any content authors, managers and stakeholders access. For reviews, each author simply schedules a post, and then notifies the user or users who need to review that person’s work in the comment thread.

“Centralizing our social planning in HeyOrca has made reviewing and scheduling our content ten times easier. Rather than collaborate via email, we all give feedback and suggest edits in the comment thread on each post, and HeyOrca sends notifications to people who are mentioned if they need to hop back in.”

Being able to view the posts full rendered as they will look when published is also a huge help to the team, as getting the full context of a post through cells on a spreadsheet is difficult.


Chelsea estimates that by switching to HeyOrca the VWE team saves 5 or 6 hours a week on social planning.

Social media planning is now a seamless process, and the HeyOrca content library allows them to store evergreen posts that they need to post on a regular basis.

VWE has also set up multiple teams within HeyOrca, which allows them to outsource some planning while still easily reviewing content – Chelsea’s department has created one team within HeyOrca to manage the majority of VWE’s brands, and also created separate teams for marketing agencies that manage some of the others.

“Onboarding new users to HeyOrca is easy, and HeyOrca’s customer experience team responds within minutes when the team has questions. If you’re managing multiple social media accounts and have a large creative team, HeyOrca will make your life so much easier!”

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