With Anoop, Anne, Smita, Sasneh, and team.

TechWyse, Canada’s largest Internet marketing agency, has a simple motto – Overachieve! They specialize in building online brand identities through conversion-friendly creative strategy, including search engine optimization, social media marketing & content marketing.

They excel at what they do, but were troubled by a problem facing many agencies – content approval bottlenecks!


When you’re managing social media content calendars for various clients, it’s inevitable that you’ll spend lots of hours each week collaborating on content. Unfortunately for TechWyse, that meant a lot of hours spent in Google Docs & Google Sheets.

The social team at TechWyse, consisting of Anoop, Anne, Smita, and Sasneh (among others) were creating all of their initial content in Google Sheets before emailing to clients for review. This was both time-consuming for their team AND their clients who were bogged down with this process:

“Oftentimes we would send content calendars for approval and hear back much too late, or not at all.”

After building out their content calendars, sharing the various assets with clients, and finally getting approval on their plans, Anoop and team would need to copy the content into HootSuite for scheduling. This was a lot of time spent on low-value work just to schedule out the content they had already built.


The TechWyse team now uses HeyOrca to bridge the content review communication gap between them and their clients. Centralizing all of their content creation, collaboration, and scheduling in one place has shaved hours off their week which gives them more time to focus on high-value, strategic work. They can choose which posts they want clients to review, and easily send them with no login on their clients part required.

“HeyOrca helps us with higher level planning, too. Their visual content calendar lets us easily and strategically schedule our content!”

TechWyse cares about client satisfaction and HeyOrca helps them deliver with easy drag-and-drop content calendars and draft posts that look as they will render when published. This is important for both the social team and clients to understand the full messaging and visual context of a social media post!


HeyOrca saves our clients time too! They’re way more engaged now that they only need one click to get access to their content calendar and the ability to review posts in a format they understand.

Beyond aligning the social team and getting all stakeholders on the same page, HeyOrca has allowed TechWyse to build more engaging relationships with their clients. Encouraging their clients to collaborate and give feedback more has been a game-changer for the team! Clients are much happier with the new process, and that makes the TechWyse team much happier too!

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