Our old content planning and approval workflow was, in a word, redundant.

Estelle Lombardi, Communications Manager, Spark Marketing

Our team was creating content in word documents, only to be uploaded and downloaded through about 3 different systems to finally reach our clients. We were finding this process inefficient and frustrating, and were spending too much time toying with templates, rather than focusing on client-related work. After implementing HeyOrca, we were able to reduce our redundancies completely.

Our team loves the visual-based layout of the content they are creating for clients, and we have streamlined into a much more efficient approval process. We can now review an entire month’s worth of content in just minutes, and can effectively incorporate feedback from our clients on each post. This platform has enabled our team to create strong, visually compelling content, and has allowed our clients to finally see our hard work in action before it reaches their social channels. We are looking forward to benefiting from the constant updates and improvements HeyOrca has to offer.

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