With Margot Dukes, COO + Co-Founder

Imagine Media Consulting is a social media marketing agency that’s hyperfocused on social media strategy and execution along with building strong, lasting relationships with clients. They plan to excite potential customers through fluff-free PR, know-how, honest advice, and hard work.


In the social media space, content is shared and engaged with almost instantaneously. This makes time one of the most precious resources at an agency. When multiple people from agency and client collaborate across a variety tools, communication gets pretty hectic.

“Not having everything in one place is tough. It would be great to have just one or two sources of communication and planning for clients to simplify things”

This usually resulted in a major time-suck and was a source of frustration for the Imagine Media team. This is also exacerbated when you introduce new people or processes to an already fragmented workflow.


Imagine Media uses HeyOrca to streamline agency-client communications and visualize their social media content for multiple clients.

“The biggest benefit would have to be the client communications piece. It’s the best way to collaborate with your clients in a seamless way and to have everyone on the same page.”

HeyOrca is the hub for external communication with clients AND internal communication. It centralizes internal and client feedback in one place. This allows Margot and her team to be on the same page and easily collaborate with clients using shareable links.

The second we brought a dedicated copywriter onboard, it made communication crazy. HeyOrca made the process much easier with features including internal review and approvals before it goes to the client.


“With HeyOrca we’re saving 10 or more hours a week on content planning and communications.”

HeyOrca consolidates client content calendars in one place. This let’s Imagine Media centralize social media planning and communications, as well as significantly reduce unnecessary redundancies.

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