We are proud to announce that HeyOrca has been named a G2Crowd High Performer for 2020!

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We’ve had a great 2019 and we know 2020 is going to be even bigger and better!



Here are some of fan favourite features from 2019:

Canva Button

If a picture paints a thousand words, how many impressions can it make on Facebook?

We all know how powerful visuals are on social media. Major social channels like Facebook and Instagramrely heavily on pictures, videos and graphicsand will reward users who push out visual content.

Not all marketers are graphic designers, and vice versa, so it can be difficult to design an eye-catching graphic for your brand especially with the demand of content creation online.

Luckily there is a solution:Canva!

Canva is a (mostly) free easy-to-use software that was designed with social media managers in mind. Many of you have probably used Canva or the very least heard of it through the social media grapevine. The reason why Canva is such a fan favourite is that it has most of your desired functionalities of pro design software but laid out in a much simpler format.

If you are a Canva user, you already know how simple it is to create amazing and stunning graphics for your social posts and business! With the Canva button, you can use your previous designs and create new ones without having to leave your post!🙌

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LinkedIn Video

LinkedIn may not get as many daily video views as Instagram or Facebook but that doesn’t mean the platform should be ruled out. Less views means less competition to get your content out there.

For many B2B companies LinkedIn is an ideal platform for marketing and now publishing videos is better outlet to get their brand across.

According toLinkedIns research more than half of LinkedIn content is viewed mobily. Roughly 57% of all those who visit LinkedIn do so on a mobile device. Mobile videos take up 78% more space on desktop and mobile screen than landscape so you’re getting the most real estate on your screen with mobile video.

2020 is the perfect time to ramp up your video use on LinkedIn! Check our blog below on 4 more reasons you should be posting videos to LinkedIn and how to do it in HeyOrca! 🙌

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Google My Business

For those of you who’ve never heard of Google My Business, its a free, easy-to-use tool that allows businesses with physical retail locations to manage how they appear on Google Search and Maps.

Manage is the key word here, since businesses are going to be cataloged and displayed on Google anyway.GMB gives you the ability to control what people see, how they can contact you, and update them over time.

Providing and updating this information to Google can help to increase your visibility and can help make a customers experience a little bit easier. One Google search can provide them with a list of businesses that may meet their needs, addresses, phone numbers, business hours, websites, customer reviews, and more.

Using Google My Business is also a great way to get Customers Reviews (did someone say user-generated content?) and drive up your SEO for ideal search results. Read more in our blog below on how marketers can get the most out of GMB and how post directly from HeyOrca!

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Facebook Prescheduling

No longer are they days waiting for a post to go live to convert to an ad! Do it all ahead of time now with HeyOrcas pre-scheduler!

Now easily plan ad posts out in advance in our calendar and send them straight to Facebooks scheduler to convert to an ad. Eliminate the need to re-create organic posts in Facebook Scheduler and save yourself double the work.

We know you and your team are going to love this game-changing feature so you can better plan out your ad campaigns to increase reach and engagement on your page! Check our blog out below to find out why you and your team are going to 💙 this feature!

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