Are your client’s Instagram Stories too bland for their own good? Are they not getting the attention that their business needs to grow?

Over 400 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

Every. Day.

That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your client’s content.

There is a massive opportunity to jump-start your client’s social media following and drive tons of views and engagement. But with all this opportunity comes a challenge.

How do you stand out? How do you make thumb-stopping content without a million-dollar budget and an international team of creators?

The answer is in the basics.

Basically beautiful

The clever, forward-thinking folks at Instagram have already given you all the tools you need to create eye-grabbing Instagram story designs–right there in the native tool. No need for plugins, add-ons or extras. Every tip we mention below can be accessed right away in your mobile app.

All you really need is a primer on the basics, a little time, and a whole lot of whimsy.

Let’s dive in!

Tip 1: Use colors liberally

The worst thing you can do on Instagram is publishing bland posts. Posts with no color, no creativity, and no heart. Bland posts are the social media equivalent of ticking off a box–just doing it because you have to.

You can use Instagram’s color palette for both text and drawing.

Accessing Instagram's colour palette

Swipe right to get access to more color palettes. This will help give you more variety in your posts.

Instagram even gives you an eye dropper tool so that you can match a color directly in a photo. One clever use for this is if you’re doing a sports post and want to match the color of a team jersey or logo.

Tip 2: Apply color backgrounds and erase reveals

Don’t settle for a plain jane background in your IG story posts. Create a background using the rich color palette at your fingertips!

If you don’t want a flat color background, use the highlighter to paint a background by swiping your fingers around the screen.

Adding a background to an Instagram Story

One great tip is to use the erase tool. Selecting the erase tool and swiping it around the screen will create a preview effect where the next image is visible behind your current post. It’ll help you give the impression of a sequence–which is, in fact, what Instagram Stories actually are.

Tip 3: Play with fonts and spacing

Captioning is just as much an art as image selection. Place your caption wrong, and you’ll block important parts of your image or draw attention to the wrong place. Improperly spaced words can even break up the flow of the caption so that the viewer reads the words in the wrong way: (think awesome versus awes/ome).

Adding a caption to an Instagram storyEditing and repositioning a caption in Instagram

Also play around with fonts to find one that matches the mood you’re trying to evoke. After all, Comic Sans doesn’t fit a nice chic gala, does it?

Tip 4: Rainbow text

Did you know that you can actually pick which colors you can apply to your rainbow text? It’s true!

Creating rainbow text in Instagram

Simply highlight the full text, just as if you were going to copy it, but hold the last selection cursor with your left thumb. With your right thumb, press and hold the color palette and then drag both fingers to the left.

Rainbows are the best font color for whimsical and eye-grabbing text that highlights the playful nature of your client’s Instagram post. But be careful not to overuse it, or this splash of color will get really old really fast.

Tip 5: Banners

Banners are an under-utilized layout technique (get it?). In addition to the obvious artistic value of giving color and style to a post, you can also use banners to make sure your text can be picked out from the background image.

Adding a banner to make text visible

Applying banners are pretty simple. Just open a text box and press a single character (hyphens work best) multiple times, enlarge it, then change it to the color you want.

Voila! Instant banner.

Tip 6: Block letters

This tip requires a bit more work than the other tips, but the results are worth it. Type out your message one letter at a time, and be sure to have each letter include a color background (you can make each letter have a different color if you want).

Spelling out a message using block letters

If you want to put even more effort into the design, you can even have each letter be a different font, to evoke a newspaper-clipping like look and feel to your post!

So there you have it! With these awesome tips, you’ll be able to make your client’s Instagram stories stand out more without breaking their budget (or yours).

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