Summer is nearing its end which means back to work for many marketers and social media managers. Get yourself and your team ready for September with this list of books for marketers that is sure to inspire and educate before you dive back into work.

UnMarketing by Scott Stratten

Named the ‘Bible of community based marketing’ by one of our clients, Scott Stratten aims to do just that with his unconventional book on how to make marketing feel more genuine by focusing on community based connections.

Stratten challenges readers to ‘unlearn’ what they’ve known about marketing up to this point and instead become more adaptable to the ever changing market.

UnMarketing is a great end of summer read to shake up your old ways and test some uncharted waters in your next marketing plan.

The Storytelling Edge by Shane Snow & Joe Lazauskas

Contently co-founders, Shane Snow and Joe Lazauskas, took what we know to be true about marketing, great storytelling works, and did a deep dive on why it works.

The authors explore the neuroscience behind great storytelling and how to implement it into your marketing plan to sell any product.

If you’ve spent your summer engrossed in captivating stories, get ready to tell your own great stories through marketing after reading this book.

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore

Those working in the tech industry are well aware of the ‘chasm’ Geoffrey A. Moore is referring to in the title of his book. The difficult transition from innovation to adoption is where many startups get stuck in what Moore calls the ‘Technology Adoption Life Cycle’

Moore lays it all out in this book, naming every stage of a tech start-up and every adopter you’ll meet in the process. Moore urges readers to push past the early adopters and position disruptive products that appeal to mainstream customers.

While Crossing the Chasm focuses on the high tech industry, there are plenty of lessons marketers can learn through Moore’s careful analysis of product adoption in mainstream media.

Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown

Long gone are the days of cramming for exams but marketers still have lots to learn, and even less time to learn it! Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown revisits our study habits from university and how to upgrade them to become more productive learners.

Brown points out that many of our study habits and practice routines are counterproductive and wastes time and effort. Brown offers real results from cognitive-based psychology techniques.

Make It Stick is the perfect book to read before you head back into the office with a clear mind ready to learn!

10x Marketing Solutions by Garrett Moon

CoSchedule Founder Garrett Moon knows marketers lead busy lives so he makes he thesis as simple as possible in his book. With the 10x marketing formula you will get 10x the results in your marketing plan.

Sounds a little too good to be true right? Well Moon has the stats to back it up in his book with bite-sized bits of information so not to overwhelm the reader.

The 10x formula is results-based, so you need to know what you want in order to use it effectively. However, Moon lays out this process in simple steps so you can easily integrate your brand and platform into this formula.

10x Marketing Solutions is a great read to pick up if you want to hit the ground running with a fresh perspective going into the fall.

Know a book that belongs on this list? Send us an email a to include your favourite marketing book!

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