A lot happened in 2021, but one thing’s for sure – It was a busy year in HeyOrca! This year, our goal was to bring you even more of your requested features to help you save time creating social media content. We’re so happy to see our customers use our latest features like Bio-Link, HeyOrca Pro, Best Times to Post, and so many other features too! Today, we’re going to take you through your 2021 HeyOrca Recap, and highlight some interesting facts in the app this year!

Your HeyOrca Activity in 2021

In honor of 2021 coming to a close, we’ve gathered some interesting statistics of your activity in HeyOrca throughout the year!

First up is the amount of posts created and published by all of our users in 2021. In total, there were 1,251,898 posts published across your social networks from HeyOrca in 2021! That’s a lot of posts!

We also wanted to show how much our users really collaborate with each other by analyzing the number of links created in HeyOrca to share across teams or clients. In total, there were 416,980 links created from your HeyOrca calendars! If that’s not master class collaboration, we don’t know what is!

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Your Favorite Features in 2021

We asked, and you delivered! Here are some of our amazing customers and the features that they loved in 2021!

“HeyOrca’s Bio Link Pro makes it easy to add links to our Instagram posts. This feature saves time by integrating with the platform we’re already using to create and schedule Instagram content. We no longer have to rely on a separate service to ensure that our content is dynamic—and we’ve already seen an uptick in web traffic because of it!” Drew Tyson, Lead Strategist @ Beutler Ink

“Being able to schedule reels (In HeyOrca) 🙌 “ Chloe Peterson, Beutler Ink

“+1 to Bio link! Especially the ability to see and add holistically in the Grid view” Claire CJ, Beutler Ink

“Bio Link!” Janet Fazio, Janet Fazio Advertising

We’re excited to see so many of you loving HeyOrca’s Bio Link, and our latest Instagram Reels addition! If your team hasn’t tried these features yet, make sure to set up training with our team in the new year!

HeyOrca Features Released in 2021

2021 was another year like no other around the world, and that definitely applies here at HeyOrca! Our developers are working harder than ever before in order to bring you the latest features you care about and save you time. Keep reading to see some of our favorite features released in 2021.

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Instagram Publishing

Earlier in 2021, we were so excited to finally release Instagram direct publishing in HeyOrca! Out of the feature requests we’d get, Instagram publishing was by far the most asked-for feature at the time!

You can schedule and automatically publish a single image or video post from HeyOrca, as well as use a number of special Instagram features in HeyOrca, such as Location Tagging, First Comment, and Instagram Grid Previews to make your Instagram content planning a breeze!

Learn more about scheduling to Instagram from HeyOrca here. 

Facebook Post Promotion

Here at HeyOrca, we know that Paid Advertising on social media networks is growing to be more and more important. With the decline of organic engagement, we knew that social media teams needed the ability to be able to promote posts directly from the HeyOrca calendar.

That’s why earlier this year, we released the Facebook post promotion tool in HeyOrca! This acts as an easy and time-saving way to schedule paid boosting to your already existing organic content. This also allows the rest of your social media scheduling team to pre-schedule promotions that they may not have been able to do normally. 

You’re able to connect an existing Ad Account to HeyOrca and pick from your pre-existing campaigns and audiences. You’re also able to delegate your budget spend over a number of days!

Learn how to start using our post promotion tool here.

Best Times to Post

Best Times to Post was one of our most anticipated releases in 2021! You now have a way to track your best-performing posting times, and also have the ability to save them for future use in your post schedule. 

HeyOrca analyzes your social account’s performance for the previous three months of activity. We’ll assign start ratings from 1 to 5 (5 being the best posting time, 1 being the worst) across the times you’ve posted through your account. These are always updating as well, so make sure to use a number of different posting times to get the most value out of your best times to post!

Watch the tutorial on Best Times to Post here!

This was another highly requested feature from our customers in 2021! Social Media teams need a place where they can associate their links or content out from their Instagram page. You might hear or read in Instagram posts “Check out my link in bio for more”!  Users are referring to a landing page where their followers can access curated links and content based on their Instagram posts. 

​​We know that it’s hard to manage and organize all of your outbound links for your Instagram brands and clients. That’s why at HeyOrca, you can use Bio Link so you can have a landing page where all of your links relating to your content are in one place! 

Your posts can be associated with outbound links so that your followers can click through your posts and access the content you’ve referenced to your page.

So why use HeyOrca’s Bio Link? We have the ability to pre-schedule your links to your Bio Link Landing page, so when your post goes live, the link does too! 

Want to learn more about HeyOrca’s Bio Link or try it out for yourself? Check out our tutorial here.

HeyOrca Pro

HeyOrca Pro is an add-on to your HeyOrca subscription that includes new and exclusive access to advanced features in the HeyOrca app!

What’s Included in HeyOrca Pro:

  • Reports Pro
    • Instagram and FB competitor reports: Track existing competitor accounts on Facebook and Instagram and compare them to your own reporting data
    • Cross channel reports: View your reports for all of your social accounts in one place
    • Date range comparison: Compare two time periods in your post engagement and view the increase or decrease in your account’s performance
  • Bio Link Pro: Get access to more CTA buttons, customize your background color, and enlarge your latest post on your landing page to drive traffic

HeyOrca Pro is only $29 per month per calendar! You can also try it out for 14 days with no obligation! Interested in what HeyOrca Pro could look like on your calendar? Book a HeyOrca Pro call today!

Most Used Features Released from 2021

As you’ve read so far, we’ve released a lot of new features in HeyOrca in 2021! Based on the features we’ve released this year, here are the most popular features based on Feature Clicks!

1. HeyOrca’s Bio Link!

2. HeyOrca Reports

3. Facebook Post Promotion

4. Best Times to post

5. HeyOrca Competitor Reports


We’ve been so pleased to be able to bring you so many new features in 2021! We know that this year has been extremely busy for social media teams across the world. It’s been a year like no other, and we want to continue to keep building features that mean the most to you, and help you save time and fight burnout even more in 2022!

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