As a social media manager, planning is key. Plain and simple. Whether we are vigorously keeping a detailed agenda of tasks, client requests, and content plans, or sticking post-it notes all over our monitors to keep us on track. We all need a little help when it comes to organizing our content schedules, events, paid ads, and client requests. That’s why at HeyOrca, we want to provide the best features and tips to help you with your calendar organization goals in HeyOrca!

You’ve mastered publishing, you efficiently manage your content across the calendar view, and you collaborate with your team seamlessly.

But now, you need a few tips on organizing everything that you have going on in your calendar. You want the calendar to be clear to your entire team. This also makes it easier for new members of your team to jump right into your calendar and start scheduling.

Luckily, this article will give you the tips and tricks that you need to organize your calendar, plan your upcoming events, and keep everyone on task!

Let’s learn more on these HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips!

Post Flags in HeyOrca

Paid content has become a necessity in social, as organic engagement is trending down on most platforms. A lot of ads need heavy in-app work, such as time spent on Facebook Ads Manager.

Luckily, you have a system down for your paid ads. The hard part is – how do you let the rest of your team know what your promoting, and when?

Look no further than HeyOrca’s Post Flags – these are labels that apply to each of your posts on the calendar. Post Flags help you differentiate your organic content from content you plan to boost or promote later. This is an essential feature to help with your HeyOrca calendar and the organization of your paid content.

There are three different post flags – Organic, Boosted, and Social Ad.

The organic flag (the leaf icon) is default on new posts in HeyOrca. This shows that your post isn’t receiving any paid promotion on the calendar.

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

The Boosted Flag (rocket) is for when you are promoting existing organic content. This is used on Facebook and Instagram to give your organic content an extra boost.

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

The Social Ad flag (dollar sign) labels that current post as a social ad. Although HeyOrca currently cannot create social ads in the calendar, this flag helps your team know when paid ads are scheduled.

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Adding Post Flags to your Posts

It’s easy to add these flags to your posts in HeyOrca! In your post editor, click on the leaf that you see on the right of your social profile assigned to the post:

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Once you click the leaf icon, you’ll be able to choose Organic, Boosted, or Social Ad. Organic is the default for all new posts on the calendar.

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Once you select your flag, it will display within the post editor as well as on the calendar view! Here’s an example of our calendar where we applied the “Boosted” Flag:

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips
HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Now your team knows exactly what you plan to promote to your social accounts!

Color Coordinate your Social Accounts

When you have multiple types of the same social account for a client, it can be tough to keep track of each one!

That’s why we have the ability to customize the color of your social accounts and how they display on the calendar.

Your color is visible on posts in the month and day view. Now you can tell which posts are for each account!

Here’s how to apply colors to your social accounts:

From your calendar, click “Settings” on the grey navigation bar:

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

On the Social Accounts tab, scroll down until you see the social account you want to customize. Click the Palette icon beside the social account you want to color coordinate.

Now you can choose from one of the eight colors available for your social account:

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Click “Save” and your posts will update with this color on the calendar!

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Using HeyOrca’s Post Categorization to Filter your Social Media Content

If you’re the one on your team who’s grouping your posts by themes, events, or campaign, you need to check out HeyOrca’s Post Tags and Campaigns!

Post tags are used on Posts in HeyOrca to establish a theme or overall category for your posts. You can use them for posts that all fall under a certain idea. For example, Post tags in HeyOrca are great for use with Hiring themed posts, Social Media Holidays, or you can even tag with a teammate’s name to assign work!

Campaigns act as groupings in HeyOrca. You can add posts to a campaign to keep track of a theme or post type!

To use Post tags, click on a post in the calendar. On the right of your post editor, you will see the Post Categorization section. This is where you can apply Post tags as well as campaigns.

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Pro Tip: Add post tags in bulk by using our Bulk actions menu!

Use HeyOrca Placeholder Accounts to track Content Published Outside of the Calendar

If you’re a social media manager, you know that there are always some channels that need manual posting. Things like TikTok, or even spaces for your email campaigns are hard to track automatically in the calendar.

In HeyOrca, Placeholder accounts are for planning content posted outside of the calendar. Using this feature makes your content still visible to your clients! Placeholder accounts can be an existing channel type (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) or customized to what you are posting for!

To add a placeholder account in HeyOrca, head over to your calendar settings by clicking on the gear icon in your grey navigation bar.

Besides your list of social media types that you can add to the calendar, click “Add a demo”:

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

In the fields below, you can customize and choose your channel type, as well as add your custom image to stay on brand!

HeyOrca Calendar Organization Tips

Once you save your placeholder account, you’ll be able to create posts from it on the calendar!

Your posts from here will publish but are great to keep you and your team on top of content outside of HeyOrca.


We know that as a Social Media Manager, Organization is key to being successful.

Take these features to your team to help everyone stay on track 🏃‍♀️ and to help with your HeyOrca calendar Organization! Ww hope you enjoy these tips for your HeyOrca calendar!

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