Today, we are excited to announce an update to your HeyOrca Calendar Navigation Bar! With this new design, you will be able to access functions that matter to you faster. 

Here are the updates to the new navigation bar:

Direct access to the “Create Post” button

We realized that the main actions that our users were taking was creating posts. That is why we made “Create Post” as the main action button. Allowing you quick access to creating content that matters to you, faster.

Direct access to the “Share” button for your calendar

One of the most popular use cases of HeyOrca is sharing content with your clients so that everyone can be on the same page. With this new update, you now have access to the “Share” button right from the top navigation bar. You can easily share your content with your client, so that you can ensure that everyone is on the same page, faster. 

Campaigns can be found under the “Filter” section

For those of you who use the campaign functionality, you can now find it as part of the filter dropdown. We decided to simplify the navigation bar so that you can focus on the things that matter. 

“Plan Post” button is now nested under the “Create Post” button

The “Plan Post” button can now be found under the “Create Post” button. This still allows you easy access to the “Plan Post” button, great for when you are planning out your content for the entire week or month.

The Nav Bar is now white

Last but not least, you might have realized that the navigation bar is now white! We chose to go with a minimalistic approach to the navigation bar so that the action buttons are more visible for our newer users who just joined the pod. 

We hope that these changes will help you save time and take back your day! Thank you again to all our users for your feedback. We have lots of exciting things coming down the pipeline!

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