With Instagram recently announcing that they would be hiding ‘likes’ it’s more important now than ever to attract users to your account through other means, and one of the easiest ways to do that is through hashtags.

Hashtags are the one surefire way to bring users who are looking for your content to your account. However you could potentially have a lot of competition is you’re using generic tags like #food or #art. The more common the hashtag the more posts you’ll have to compete with in discovery.

We have a couple useful tips to get the most out of your hashtags and the most users to your content!

Longtailing Hashtags

Hashtags are all about keywords but if you run a food based Instagram account it can be hard to compete for those key hashtags. Websites like For Display Purposes Only can help you find ‘longtail’ hashtags (more than one word) which usually aren’t as competitive as one word hashtags.

Search any category and it will spit out a bunch of hashtags in rank of relevancy and popularity.

Display Purposes 1

There’s a copy feature to select all those hashtags and drop them right into an Instagram post. Or you can scroll down and manually select a few.

You can see the relevancy and popularity of each hashtag to see where it ranks when it comes to popular hashtags.

Display Purposes 2

You want to use a mix of popular and less popular hashtags to get noticed when users search for content. Choosing hashtags that are still in the same category but are just not as popular so gives you a better chance to be discovered.

Hiding Hashtags in Stories

Although hashtags are a great way to promote your content they can also be a deterrent if not used sparingly. Overuse of hashtags for your brand can look like a thinly-veiled marketing scheme instead of an aesthetically pleasing Instagram account.

One way to still rank in discovery without clunking up your brand’s image is ‘hiding’ your hashtags in your Instagram stories.

Using the same tips above, copy the hashtags that are relevant and past them into the text box on Instagram stories. Click on the colour dropper and match the colour to the background, and then pinch the text until it completely disappears into the background.

Hiding Hashtags in Story

Being mindful about which hashtags you use and where in your Instagram posts and stories can greatly improve your impressions on your channel. Hashtags are thought to be a necessary evil, users have been trying to integrate them cleanly into posts since the app began. Using these tips you can create beautiful content without having to sacrifice being discovered.

Here’s a video tutorial explaining each step and how you can incorporate these tactics into your social media strategy!

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