Instagram is taking big steps to change the ‘influencer culture’ that was created on the app. From getting rid of likes to banning follower tracking tools, Instagram is restricting influencer’s control over how their content is shared.

One of these changes is Instagram’s newest release of the Creator Account & Studio. Different from a regular profile or a Business Account, the creator account was made specifically with influencers in mind. It offers features that were previously restricted in the API.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the exclusivity of being an influencer, and that goes for a creator account as well. Creator accounts are only available to a handful of users that have over 10,000 followers, and the Creator Studio is even more limited to users in the US at the moment.

All that being said, Instagram is starting to give influencers what they want in the app so they don’t go elsewhere to find these coveted features. This is a step in the right direction for Instagram, giving users what they want to keep them in the app and off third-party features.

3 New Features with the Creator Account

Growth Insights

Instagram’s analytics for creators is much more robust than it’s last iteration for regular profiles. It’s no secret that influencers and businesses alike have been asking for more detailed reports for their accounts to track audience and impressions. In the past, Instagram banned all follower tracking apps out of fear for spam or bot followers.

Well influencers, your prayers have been answered. In the creator profile, you can track how many followers you gain and lose on a weekly basis. The Audience tab in Insights also offers a high-level view of your followers laid out in graphs, as well as what cities and countries your followers are coming from.

Separate Messaging Inbox

Influencers, celebrities, and businesses tend to receive an overwhelming amount of private messages on their accounts. Before, there wasn’t really a way to separate the hundreds of messages coming in each day. Now with a creator profile, you can filter through messages requests, much like a Facebook Business Page.

From requests, you can move these messages into one of two channels. Primary for close friends or brands you are working with, and general for basically everything else. Instagram will remember this information and separate your audience accordingly for you in your inbox.

Shoppable Tagging

This feature is not new to Instagram or the creator profile. You’ve probably noticed a few of your favourite brands will now have tags on their merchandise which gives you the name and price and will bring you to their website to purchase that item. What’s new is that influencers can now take advantage of shoppable tags for the brands they are collaborating with.

Instagram’s Creator Studio

Perhaps the most exciting feature to come with a creator profile is Instagram’s new creator studio. Much like the Facebook Creator Studio, you will be able to access and create templates, see all your accounts and track analytics on successful posts. But the best part? It’s accessible on a desktop!

As well as being able to create content in the creator studio, you will also be able to access deeper analytics than you would on mobile insights. Under the audience tab, you can get more details on your followers to help with targeted marketing. A new feature in analytics shows when your followers are on Instagram so you can post at the most opportune time.

The content library will let you view everything you’ve posted on Instagram (including stories and IGTV) as well as the metrics for each post as well. The content library also allows you to search for your content with tags and titles on a desktop instead of infinite scrolling on your phone.

The creator profile and creator studio are a promising look into Instagram’s user design future. Instagram is listening to what its users want and have created a much more robust content studio for creators and influencers alike. While not available to the masses yet, this sneak peek into Instagram’s new venture for creating content is an exciting future for digital marketers and social media managers.

Check out our video tutorial below for more details on the creator profile and studio!

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