On its surface, Facebook’s Ad Library is a place for the platform to be more transparent about the content it allows its users to share. However, it can be a wealth of knowledge for marketers if you know where to look.

Facebook Ad Library collects all active and past ads (up to seven years) and allows anyone with a Facebook account to access it. Even if you are not managing that Business Page. You can search for a name, topic or organization and the database will show you all the ads pertaining to that Business Page filtered by target audience (by country).

In my last article, I spoke about how Facebook is aiming to make social media more private, but seemingly only for personal accounts. Facebook is creating an audit trail so, you as the customer can see specific details about where ads come from.

We’ve looked at the Ad Library through a marketer’s lens and found some tricks to using Facebook’s Ad Library for marketers and content creators.

Gain Inspiration For Your Own Ad Campaigns

The constant demand for content can be hard to keep up with. Often with creativity, the well is never as deep as we think and we need inspiration. The Ad Library is a great place so see the kind of content your favourite brands are pushing out – and which audience they are targeting.

You can also follow your competitor’s ads in the library. The ads have the same call to action as you would see on your regular Facebook feed so you can see where they are directing their customers.

The library groups similar ads together but you can click ‘ad details’ to see how the language and parameters change with each ad. This can give you some inspiration on how to use the same ad for different demographics.

Scoring Potential Clients

So you can use Facebook’s Ad Library for inspiration but you can also use the database to source out potential clients as a marketer.

Say you have a favourite pizza place in your hometown, you can search the database for its business page and check to see if they are running any active ads. If they aren’t, it’s a perfect opportunity as a marketer to approach them with a digital strategy plan.

You can also check out what their competitors are doing and show your potential client what they’re missing out on. From there you can create a strategic plan with your client’s competitor in mind and put them on the digital map.

Although not its intended use, Facebook’s Ad Library serves an excellent database and reference point for marketers. It’s the only place where you can see all the ads a page, person or business puts on in one place. Implementing the ad library into your marketing strategy will keep you aware and ahead of the curve when it comes to Facebook ads.

Here’s a quick video tutorial from our digital marketing manager, Ryan Mercer!

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