As a Social Media Manager, you have to stay on top of the latest trends and events, including social media holidays. These themed days give you and your social media content a great opportunity to relate to your audience and followers. But it doesn’t stop there – you also need to be aware of key events such as ad campaigns, public holidays, and even company milestones and birthdays. That’s a lot to remember! It’s certainly hard enough to keep track of on your own, alongside all of the other work that you have on your plate.

That’s why at HeyOrca, we wanted to make planning for holidays and events easier. HeyOrca allows you to create repeatable event strips in our Content Calendar to make it easier when planning out your calendar. 

Event Strips are visual reminders that live on your HeyOrca Content calendar. They are color-coordinated and include a description hover box to include important information. Event strips are great to remind you and your team about upcoming events, holidays, or even birthdays on your team.

These, of course, are the initial use of event strips in HeyOrca. There are so many ways that you can take advantage of this feature to improve your content strategy as a whole!

We’re going to cover the different ways that you can use HeyOrca Event Strips to further improve your social media content strategy!

Copying Event Strips from Calendar to Calendar

Did you know that you can copy Event Strips to other calendars in your organization? 

This will save you time, especially if you share events or social media holidays across calendars!

To copy an event to another calendar, click the check box next to the event, and from the bulk actions menu, click “Advanced Copy”. This will let you select the calendars that you want the event copied to!

Learn more about event strips at our knowledge base!

Create Social Media Theme Day Reminders

Event Strips are a great way to highlight upcoming social media holidays, events, or even birthdays in the calendar! You can set up an Event Strip to repeat yearly, and is a great way to pre-plan.

Not sure what social media holidays to post about? Check out our amazing comprehensive list of Social Media Holidays and hashtags for 2021!

Tip: If the event has hashtags you’d like to include in your post, you can enter them in the description. This helps you and your team stay on the same page!

Visualize your Social Media Content Strategy

Event Strips are amazing reminders for your social media themes and holidays!

So why not use them for your content strategy?

You can simplify your Social Media Content Strategy with Event Strips. This will help new team members get used to your posting style and schedule.

Fill your event Strip title with the type of content you want to be posted by your team that day. It could be a theme day, a feature about your product, or anything that lives in your strategy!

Here’s an example of how HeyOrca uses Event Strips to visualize our Content Strategy on the Calendar: 

Tip: Don’t be afraid to get creative! 🎨 Make your content calendar and events POP by changing up the colors on different event strips!

Store Instagram Hashtags in Events

When you’re creating content for Instagram, it can be exhausting to gather all of your hashtags.

Putting your Instagram Hashtags in Event Strips is an easy way to access your hashtag sets anytime! They live directly on the calendar, making them quick to access!

Here’s how to create your Hashtag Event Strips:

1. Create an Event Strip for every theme or industry type of hashtag so that your hashtag themes will be separated. 

2. Make sure to customize your title and color to differentiate from the other event strips on your calendar!
3. Copy and Paste your hashtag sets into the description box.

4. Set the event strip to repeat once a month. That way, you will always have your hashtags available in the content calendar.
5. Click “Create”! Now you can copy and paste your hashtags from your events straight into your posts!

Ad Campaign Placeholders

Do you have ongoing ad campaigns that occur outside of your HeyOrca calendar? Event Strips are a great way to keep your team in the know about paid ads or promoted content. Not everyone on your social team may be involved in ads.

Create event strips for the timeframe of your campaigns. Be sure to repeat them if they occur more than once a year!

This is a great way to loop in your team on ads without having to add all team members to that channel.

Tip: Looking for more ways to highlight your paid content to the rest of your team in HeyOrca? Learn how to use our Facebook Post Promotion tool here! You can also use our Post Label Feature to communicate to your team on paid content. (link these two articles)


We know that as a Social Media Manager, Organization is key to being successful.

HeyOrca Event Strips were built with that fact in mind so that you can keep things looking organized, and you can focus on building your amazing content. 

If you’re interested in learning more about HeyOrca, make sure to check out our Training Modules section on our website! Here you’ll find video tutorials on everything you need to know about HeyOrca!

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