Event Strips are a great tool for highlighting special events while collaborating with team members and clients. But did you know event strips can be used for much more that cataloguing events? Check out some tips below on how to use Event Strips as a multi-tool.

Store Hashtags

Looking for a place to bank your hashtags? Event Strips are a great place to store the hashtags you need for an event or even for the upcoming month! Set an event for the first of every month to store the hashtags for easy access for you and your team!

Emoji Bank

Event Strips as also great for storing emojis! Again, whether they are tied to an event or just your brand, event strips are a great way to keep all your emojis in the same place! Either copy and paste them into the event description or pro tip if you are a mac user, press ctrl+cmd + space to access the Apple Emoji keyboard! 🎉

& So Much More!

We love learning from our clients so we asked how some of our Top Agencies are using Event Strips for inspiration!

  • Agencies working with musicians create event strips to mark tour dates, album releases, etc.
  • Freelance photographers create events to mark dates for their photoshoots.
  • Brands use them to mark new product releases and prime boosting times. 
  • Restaurateurs mark dates for menu changes, product releases, company functions, promotions, and giveaways.
  • Agencies working with Sports figures mark upcoming games.
  • Teams make note of when Internal members will be out of office, or divide work by time period among team members.
  • Social Media Managers add important strategic notes (theme, voice, budget, etc.) directly on the calendar. 

The possibilities are endless with event strips! 🎉

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