Six Steps You Need To Follow To Establish Irresistible Brand Values

If you haven’t heard about brand values yet, then you better learn about them. They’re the next secret weapon you’ll need to level-up your brand and marketing strategy.

Not only are brand values a huge reason why consumers purchase products, but consumers are incredibly in touch with company brand values and follow them like hawks.

Start shaping your audience’s affinity towards your brand and mission by mastering how you convey your brand values to your audience.

Today we’re going to show the six steps to establishing irresistible brand values. We’ll show you how to find and shape your brand values so you channel them in all your marketing and messaging. By doing that, you’ll be able to grow your audience and max out their love and passion for your brand.

1. Be Part Of A Cultural Ethos

You need to find your brand values and align them with a cultural ethos.

Doing this will actually help people align with your brand. Being part of an ethos will attract a passionate following because an ethos is something that people already align with, are part of, and care about.

How do you do it?

Be what you aspire to be within the ethos.

Ask yourself what your brand stands for, who you want your brand to attract, who you want to push away, and what position your brand will take.

Understanding this will help you build a brand that your audience can emotionally connect to.

2. Unapologetically Stand For Something

You need to portray your company attitude and aspirations as your brand truth.

Your brand truth is what your company/brand firmly and unapologetically stands for in the world. It can be anything: equity, sustainability, or veganism, for example. You just need to believe in it and embody it.

Once you believe in it, your brand will naturally develop an attitude or behaviour. People are naturally drawn to this.

Your brand truth and brand personality is crucial for building up your audience’s emotional connection to your brand.

3. Root The Brand In What You Firmly Believe In

Find something of value to attach your brand to and firmly plant your flag into it. This will help improve branding consistency and messaging. Ultimately, this will compel people to come to you.

You should communicate “this is who we are,” and stand behind it in your messaging and marketing.

While communicating this, be sure to establish your point of view, purpose, or reason for being as a way to ground everything you do.

4. Establish Personality

Personality is the first and most lasting impression that you will have on your audience. Put your best foot forward to make an impression.

Encourage your brand to be authentic, not something it isn’t. Be honest and transparent in your communication.

Establish your personality by finding your voice and representing it in your social media language, visuals, and videos. Allow members of your company to show their faces and their true selves in a way that reflects your brand values and company mission.

5. Follow Through

You must follow through with your value branding in all of your social media marketing, company culture, and external communications.

It can’t be left as a guiding principle for the company that sits on the welcome desk.

Your brand values must exude out of everything you do. You must find a way to distill them and present them outwardly.

Never give up. Encourage every voice that’s present in your brand identity to shine and exhibit your values.

6. Become Magnetic

A magnetic brand draws people in, rather than chases after audiences. These types of brands have a “cult-like” following (think Cards Against Humanity, for example).

Magnetic brands don’t chase their audiences, their audiences chase them.

Become magnetic by genuinely embodying and following these six steps in all things marketing, branding, and company culture.

You will find that it will take some testing and trial and error to find out what your magnetic brand looks like and what actually works.

Once you figure it out you will find people coming to you and wanting to be a part of your mission, cause, and community because it resonates with them and compels them to join the conversation.

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