So you’ve signed up for HeyOrca – Whalecome to the Pod! 🐳 You might be wondering where to start – HeyOrca is definitely a big space to play! Let’s dive into what HeyOrca will be able to help you achieve, as well as why HeyOrca exists.

HeyOrca is a Social Media Management Calendar where you can manage all aspects of your social media schedule all in one place. We know that when working with a client, collaboration and approvals are important to getting your work done.

That’s why HeyOrca has a robust Approval Workflow that helps you and your clients get on the same page with your content. HeyOrca is also a space where you can collaborate with your clients in real time, allowing you to get their feedback as well as invite them to take part in their own content creation.

We know that bringing on a new Social media platform can be daunting change for all aspects of your organization – the process needs to be smooth and stable for your clients and new potential leads to buy in. Who wants to continue living the nightmare that is Spreadsheet Social Media Management? 😱

With all that said, you still might have the question of “Where do I even begin?” HeyOrca is visual and client friendly to work with, but there are a lot of features to learn about

That’s where we come in! This article is going to cover the Top 5 Pro Tips that you need to know as you dive into HeyOrca for the first time. This will get you in the right position to start taking back your day and scheduling your social media content.

We also reached out to the HeyOrca Community to weigh in on what features they use in HeyOrca that they wouldn’t be able to live without, so that you can start learning the best tips from the HeyOrca Pros right away! 🙌

1. Drag and Drop Posts on the Calendar

Have you created a post, but you’re not sure if you’ve put it in the right place? 🧐

No problem! You can drag and drop individual posts across different days on the calendar to move that post to a new publishing day. You can also move posts in bulk by using our bulk actions menu.

Megan Steffen of Untapped Media relies on the Drag and Drop feature in HeyOrca to help her team seamlessly organize content and act quickly when the world changes.

About 5 years ago, my team and I searched for quite some time for a content publishing system that incorporated not only an easy-to-view calendar for us but also a nice user interface for our clients. On top of that, we wanted better functionality within that publishing system, like duplicating posts, the ability to move content from one day/time to another and exporting calendars.

We had been using a well-known software for content publishing and analytics, but the UI for that software was subpar and added way too much time and extra steps for the quick things we needed to do for our clients. We knew there HAD to be a better system out there! We were about to give up and hire coders to create our own when my team member found HeyOrca.

It had every single thing we were looking for, including a huge one: drop & drop content. It is our job to make sure that content is populated in a client calendar but it is never set it and forget it. The world around us dictates what and when we post – whether that’s tragedies causing us to go dark for a bit or industry news that is more important than our previously scheduled content. Drag and drop is crucial to our workflow.

We need to be able to move content out of the way to create new content quickly and having to go into each and every post and change the date and/or time is wasted billable hours. HeyOrca has had this feature ever since we started using it and I couldn’t live without it.

Learn how to drag and drop posts here.

2. Copy Posts to other Social Networks

Work Smarter, not Harder! 🧠  

Copy your content to other social networks so that you save time and avoid re-writing your content for all of your social media platforms. This feature is essential to saving you time in HeyOrca and making sure that your content is seamless across social media networks.

This feature is a favorite among many of our customers – one of them being La’Nae Robinson of Bliss Books and Wine who uses it to speed up their content creation process in HeyOrca.

You can also copy posts in bulk by using our bulk actions menu. 

“As a small business owner wearing many (MANY) hats, HeyOrca’s ‘Copy Post’ feature has been a lifesaver for me! It’s a quick, easy and very intuitive way to use the same media and/or copy for all of my connected social accounts.

Seeing the coped posts appear directly beneath the original simplifies things as well, making it easy to review and tweak content simultaneously. In the digital world every click counts, and this functionality saves me so much time and brainpower; leaving me free to concentrate on my creativity and business growth.

Learn how to copy posts to other social accounts here.

3. Use Approvals in HeyOrca to work with your clients on content

HeyOrca approvals make it easy to get your content to the right people. ✔️

Use our approval stages to let your team know what stage your post is in (Draft, Awaiting Approval, Approved, Needs Revision), as well as include your clients in the process by requiring them for approval on your posts. Your posts require approval before being allowed to publish to your social media networks, so it’s easy to know when your content has been signed off by a client!

Josh Mackenzie of Artrageous Advertising loves how the Approval Workflow in HeyOrca saves his team and clients time when scheduling their social media content.

“So for Artrageous, we have both relied and benefited from HeyOrca’s approval system a LOT. We rely on it so much because it lays out the groundwork for clients to be held just as accountable as we are for their social media marketing.

This is a team effort! So, I suppose you could say that HeyOrca helps agencies and clients work closer together as a team too! Nothing goes without their approval. That removes the risk of error from happening, such as false information about products or services.

Having that layer of proofing has also helped give prospective clients some comfort and peace of mind when it comes to considering having a third party come in and take the reins of their social channels.

I’ve heard of too many other content scheduler softwares not having an approval system to this extent whatsoever and it is mind boggling! Honestly, I don’t know how we could do it so effectively without HeyOrca.

See more on how to use Approvals in HeyOrca!

4. Export Posts as an XLS Document

Looking to share specific pieces of content with your team or clients? 💡

Looking to share your content, along with its media and approval stage as a document to your team?

Select the posts that you want to share by clicking the checkboxes next to each post, or use our date range selector tool to select in bulk. Clicking the “Bulk Actions” menu will allow you to “Export to XLS” and HeyOrca will download an Excel-friendly file to your desktop!

Walker Kenion of Oechsli relies on the Export to XLS function so that they can easily share content in the format that their clients want most.

Export to XLS is essential for our day-to-day operations and interactions with clients that work in the financial industry.

Record keeping and routine compliance checkups are essential to keeping up with finance-related regulatory laws, and having the ability to export a plain-text version of exactly what our clients need to provide to their compliance department makes it a breeze for us and for our clients. We couldn’t live without it!”
Walker Kenion, Brand Manager at Oechsli

Select the posts that you want to share by clicking the checkboxes next to each post, or use our date range selector tool to select in bulk. Click “Export to XLS” to start downloading the Excel file of your post!

Clicking “Share” on your selection can also generate a unique shareable link of just the content that you’ve selected for viewing or approval!

Learn how to Export your Calendar posts here.

5. View HeyOrca in Day View or Month View

The Calendar View isn’t the only amazing visualization tool in HeyOrca!

We also have a scrollable Day View that allows you to easily make edits and changes to your content on the fly! 🗓

You’ll never be lost in the day view, as the date automatically updates as you scroll through your scheduled content. 


We know you have a lot going on in your day. Learning how to use a new Social Media Management tool can be stressful! 

We hope that these tips will help you take back your day even more with HeyOrca! 💪

Interested in learning more? Check out our training resources section for video tutorials:

Did you know? HeyOrca also offers FREE live training to customers! Join us for a full walkthrough HeyOrca or even some Pro-tips suggestions! Sign up for a session here.

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